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A innovative brake disc will change your Triumph Bonneville T120!

…but how?

There are no argues about the importance of a good brake system on a modern motorcycle. The system must be powerful enough, reliable and informative. These qualities define rider confidence and straightly affect safety on the road.

Those owners who actively uses brakes, noticed that stock solid brakes of Triumph Bonneville T120 are reasonably effective but not more. Riding slowly and braking gently, one will not feel any flaws, but adding more performance ride, journeys to mountains or braking hard numerous times in hot day city traffic, and brakes fade. Original brake discs diameters are not very big, and accordingly, the contact surface is not enough to absorb the heat caused by braking and spreading it in the oncoming airflow. There is a risk of overheating. Riders can press on the lever harder and harder, but brakes will not become any better until they cool down. Naturally, the brake fluid may even boil, receiving a great amount of heat from the discs and pads. An overheated brake disc will become crooked, disc material will lose its properties and the disc will never work properly again.

It is logical that if there is not enough contact surface, then the diameter of the brake disc should be increased. Thus, the heat capacity and heat transfer will increase accordingly.

After some researches, Free Spirits have created and developed a new brake system with collaboration of Newfren to build and realize this new product.

new free spirits and newfren brake system with zero clereance pawls

The new brake system for the Bonneville T120 is especially developed with New Floating Brake Disc with Zero Clearance Pawls. See drawing, that tells more than any comment.

new free spirits and newfren brake system with zero clereance pawls

Why the 30° seat? Regular coupling between carrier and braking surface has a gap, a gap where you lose foothold surface. By imbedding the head pawl into the disc, we lose more foothold surface. By rotating the gap of 30° foothold surface increased quite significantly.

You can see amazing results on the FEM test done by Newfren.

For the more skeptical, we also test breaking fade go in reverse as well, see yourself second FEM test.

new free spirits and newfren brake system with zero clereance pawls

Why all this?

To move as much as possible outside the brake disc (making space for the larger Brembo Calipers) without give up the benefit of a floating version (instead using an heavy rigid disc) which needs to 340mm as smaller diameter still wouldn’t be enough.

Another particularity is that this brake disc increases the fades resistance and also will improve the braking power and modulation.

If you want one for your bike click this link:

Also available for Triumph Bobber at this link:

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