Check this smartphone/navi holder for Triumph Tiger Sport 1050!

Traveling is something people adore since very early days.

It moves us forward, because we were designed to explore, otherwise we were not humans. And we don’t know anything more involving and thrilling then traveling a motorcycle.

Being in unity with the motorcycle body and guiding its way thru mountainous curves or plain straights is by all means something any rider wants to experience. Further we go better we feel, though sometimes it is important to know the correct way and right road.

We spent many years looking in maps and keeping in mind the track until next stop but then, luckily, GPS technology and personal navigators entered our life. What can be better than to have a screen that shows you the way fast and safe.

Many systems and gadget holders entered the market, from well designed and prettily performed to bulky and weak. But very few are designed to fit specific motorcycle. Trying to cover as many bike models as possible such holders loose both simplicity and durability not to mention that they are just ugly looking sometimes.

If you like clean look and best ergonomic comfort like the one we do, this Tiger Sport 1050 bracket support kit is the star.

Mobile Support for Triumph Tiger Sport 1050 Mobile Support for Triumph Tiger Sport 1050

Throughly tested kit 309025 is designed to support your own mobile device as onboard navigation system, or to attach the specific navigator.

Unlike the universal brackets, our kit precisely integrated into Tiger Sport 1050 architecture – we designed the arm to slide into original front fairing shoe. The design is secure for device, we noticed that some inexpensive holders being attached directly to handlebar ruin the device because cannot absorb bikes vibrations.

The arm is mount on bikes original fitment points and has a spherical junction to adjust the device screen to rider’s height, thus allow a good visibility with no reflections.

Mobile Support for Triumph Tiger Sport 1050

The instrument cluster remain visible and windshield moves freely even with big screen mobile devices fitted.

Mobile Support for Triumph Tiger Sport 1050Mobile Support for Triumph Tiger Sport 1050

Eventually the navigation screen appears above instruments and before the eyes of the rider – the best and safest position on the bike.

The kit accepts waterproof holders form Cellularline®.

Mobile Support for Triumph Tiger Sport 1050

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