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Forward control kit for Triumph Bonneville Bobber

Are you a tall person? Do you want more ergonomics? Check this and demand more for your Bobber!

More than anyone had tagged the Triumph Bobber as an exaggerated bike, too extreme and that would never sell… evidently, they did not understand it.

You can love it or hate it, but certain if you riding a Triumph Bonneville Bobber you will always be noticed.

The classic line, the saddle that seems to be suspended in the void and its charm are unquestionable. Even his technique is great.

The engine is the known and tested 1200 cc High Torque twin cylinder, the electronics are at the top of the category and the chassis is solid, in fact, the check are every 15000 km, demonstration of reliability and excellent construction.

The excellent build quality is also in the braking system where the English house mount Brembo brake system, a brand chosen by the best manufacturers in the world as the primary system.

The Bobber is excellent technique, but it is also charm. It is a bike that you have to ride, a bike that creates a relationship with the rider that few bikes to world create, a bike for a few people, but that made fall in love many.

In FreeSpirits we have created this kit for you, to make you feel even more comfortable on the motorcycle. We would like to satisfy the needs of many customers who wanted to have a greater ergonomics when driving their Triumph Bobber, especially if they are over 1,80 meters.

Triumph Bobber forward control kit

Our kit allows to advance the Bobber control. That are very close to the saddle in standard position, so they force the legs in a more collected and less comfortable position.

Not only ergonomics of course, looking at the photos of an owner who drives a Bobber with classic platforms and advanced platforms, you can see that with advanced platforms the body is more extended, maintaining the classic driving style that characterizes this category. Wide arms, body turned slightly back and legs stretched forward, now the charm of a Bobber is complete.

Triumph Bobber forward control kit

Our kit is made with the best materials and the best workmanship, on the other hand for a bike like this you cannot save on the quality of the products or work performed.

The platforms are made of light alloy. A single block of material was cut and milled to obtain the finished product. Platforms are also available anodized in black colour.

These platforms will give a unique style to the Bobber and will mix perfectly in the aesthetics of the bike.

In the kit, you will also find a rear brake fluid reservoir and a Brembo brake master cylinder, shifter rod and brake line kit to suit the most forward position (shorter rod/brake line kits available as special order).

All movements of the platforms run on sealed bearings, which eliminate all possible mechanic game, creating a perfect control of the gearbox and rear brake.

The kit is quick and easy to assemble and does not require special processing. According to the FreeSpirits tradition, every assembled kit is totally reversible and if you had to damage a single component of the kit you can buy only that component without having to replace the entire kit.

Bring ergonomics to your Bobber to another level, a bike like this does not accept compromises, choose the quality of FreeSpirits to give the best to your bike.

Triumph Bobber forward control kit

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