Give your motorcycle a new look with a minimal and original modification of original components.

The evolution of custom motorcycles has grown rapidly especially in last years and the suppliers of customized spare parts have increased considerably. The after-market parts that can be fitted on every motorcycle are now countless and you can create a custom motorcycle starting from any motorcycle.

The prices of these components, however, are always higher and sometimes you have to spend a lot of money for aesthetic changes that are not even noticed, or even worse buying plastic components that will break after a few kilometres. Other pieces, however, require many hours of work to the mechanic who will install the component or are pieces that once mounted can no be removed because they require to change the original components of your motorcycle.

Front indicator light bracket for Harley Davidson

The product that we present today is a product that will give you a high aesthetic result by reusing part of the original pieces and repositioning them in a new way. The kit we are talking about is the front indicator light bracket kit that allows you to install the indicator lights directly on the front forks. Compatible with the original indicator lights or with after-market parts with the same threaded connection.

With this change the aesthetic of your motorcycle will be significantly modified in a few minutes. The FreeSpirits kit needs, in fact, only a few minutes to be assembled because it can be fitted without removing triple trees.

As for the choice of materials, being the Made in Italy of FreeSpirits you will not find cheap plastics or poor materials! The brackets are, in fact, lightweight CNC machined billet aluminium anodized in black.

The kit is sold ready to be assembled and provided with every instruction and documentation.

The change is always reversible, as FreeSpirits tradition.

Front indicator light bracket for Harley Davidson

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