Autumn came and we will soon have to park our motorcycles until spring, whether we like it or not. But we still have some nice days and can make few trips to farewell this great motorcycling season that we had. Here are some tips and ideas for you how to make it right.


First some boring parts.

Like in many sources you may have read, we insist that you thoroughly check your bike, before the run, for oil level and tires pressure that can be lower in these cooler days.

We remind you that warm is essential for your engine, so let it idle for a while, then start riding smoothly without intensive accelerations and no high revs until the engine is in the right temperature.

Also keep in mind that engine coolant in liquid-cooled engines become hot quicker than the oil, so let the oil warm before any high-performance riding, always with responsibility.

Be aware of the colder asphalt that you used to have in summer. Cold nights cool it down so even when the sun is eventually above horizon, a lot of time with sunlight is needed to heat up the road surface.

Tires are cold too, so make them warm with a gentle ride before some quicker style you may want. Beware of paddles because they may have been frozen during the night.

Also check the brake conditions.


Make sure that you are dressed according to the weather conditions and also remember to have a waterproof rain protection with you. We always wish the best, but you must be prepared for any development. If you ride to a distant place, a small first aid kit is mandatory.

We advise you to keep an eye on your chain, it’s general condition, tension and lubrication. Take a lubricant with you if a long trip is planned, it may be through rains or dust. You don’t want the chain to fail during your last autumn run and spoil your impressions of the landscape and colors of the nature. If you have a belt drive you should check the tension once again, then enjoy your smooth and clean ride.

Any bike deserves fine attitude and it will give you back all its best for that. We really enjoy our work and its results – make your ride easier, quicker, safer and more reliable and pleasure.

Your good emotions are the best reward for us and these are not just empty words. We follow your feedbacks and works constantly to make better parts for more models.

Thank you for this season’s rides and we wish you a nice off-season, hopefully, filled with pleasant bothers of preparation for the new spring that seems to be so far away from now, but will come sooner than you expect.


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