Free Spirits - Tracker bar conversion kit for Triumph Thruxton

This is our new complete "Bolt-on" kit for Triumph Thruxton code 302504K or 302504S that includes:

- Top Yoke (complete with fixing points for ignition switch and instrument bracket), - Tracker handlebar and replacement clutch cable.

- The 22 mm diameter Black Handlebar (width 775 mm height 45 mm pull-back 63 mm) includes end-plugs to re-fit the original mirrors.
- The longer clutch cable is required to allow full movement the bar but the original wires and brake hose can be re-used.

Product for Triumph Thruxton R.

Quick and easy to mount.
Complete with instruction ready for installation.
As Free Spirits tradition all the modifications are reversible.

For this kit spare parts are available.