If you are planning a new project and you want to build a new special bike you absolutely need products and ideas. This is Free Spirits’ main aim: making your research as easy as possible. but this time we are not talking about a Triumph part, guess what!? We will give you a little clue!

That’s right! Here you are the new Free Spirits website!

A groundbreaking, innovative, intuitive and more interactive portal, which is going to make your web browsing easier thanks to the new:
- Breakdown of products by BRAND, BIKE'S MODEL (coming soon) and by group!
- Easy viewing of NEW PRODUCTS, they will be automatically in the foreground
- Great viewing on mobile devices such as smartphones or Tablets!

… and if you love Free Spirits parts and you would like to share them with friends, you only need to click on the Social network you prefer and that’s done! Or you can add them to the Wishlist and watch them later! ;)

If you are looking for Free Spirits dealers because you need help to buy and mount Free Spirits parts, you can find the nearest workshop entering your home town on the new interactive map!

But it’s not over! They are going to be even more updates and news but we are talking about it later… but now become familiar with the new website and if you have any doubts or questions don’t hesitate to write at!