Glemseck 101 2014, the most important European event dedicated to cafe racer style motorbikes. The festival took place as tradition along the previous circuit of Solitude, close to Stuttgart, from Friday 5 September to Sunday 7 September.
Glemseck 101 2014Glemseck 101 2014

This year we showed up to the event with:

THE HARLEQUIN, Triumph Scrambler, in which the mechanical part and chassis has been developped by us, while the graphics were painted by a 10 year old child, Mortiz Bree, Uli Bree’s younger child, mastermind of Triumph Tridays, who gave his touch of fresh and happy youth with this coloured creation;

THE SPORTSTER ‘Thundestorm’, we decided to work on a XL883R. We thought to improve his sportive look and his dynamic characteristics. A lot of things will be the news, a new complete exhaust system very "race style” and the open primary belt so... why not participate in a real competition?

Glemseck 101 2014

We enter the scene participating in the 101 Sprint International. The magic Sporty, with an italian blogger, Babila from, as rider, did well in the first manche against the italian guy Vincenzo from Unique Cycle. The second manche we stopped giving space to motors and riders much more renowned.

Glemseck 101 2014 Glemseck 101 2014

Intense weekend, where the atmosphere is friendly and genuine, full of engines and nice people!

Keep on riding!!!

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