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harley davidson xr1200 boss 88harley davidson xr1200 boss 88

Here some info about our XR1200.

Free Spirits Harley Davidson xr1200harley davidson xr1200 boss 881) Fork:
That unusual fork, rise from an old dream, which you see the picture. We always find it irresistible nice and with the XR fork and Bitubo support, it was finally possible to replay that beauty. From a technical point of view, we are not sure of their reason for that choice. The original fork its’ quite poor on quality, in particular the first version, where there isn’t any regulation, but due to the new shock absorber made by Bitubo, we have now a large range of regulation on spring preload, rebound and compression. Original fork is now completely empty (only oil to assure a smooth scroll of the tube on fork sleeve) the entire weight of the bike is supported by the lower trees, due to two tension rod that connect top trees (where shock  is fastened). First road test was over expectative; therefore we are very pleased, not only from the look but now also for the technical final result.

2) The Open primary:
Was build originally to race with our Buell and due to the experience established, we made it also for our XR1200. To mount it, we open completely the crankcase with purpose of seal the left case (close the bottom hole “primary-gearbox” plus the hole that hold the two shaft of the shifter forks), and make a hole to drain oil from gear box. Obviously we replace all original bearing with sealed one. It’s also necessary to replace with a sealed ball-bearing the original shifter drum bushing, while we do this we also replace the right bushing that will make the shift gear easier and smoother. With this modification, not only we reduce drastically inertial mass but we can also use a good quality oil on the gearbox without that it get ruined by the dust of the friction plate. Another modification done while crankcases were open was to balance the flywheel and mount a real big bore kit, now engine is a 1470cc. (88”)

3) To end, another simple by high tech solution (even if it doesn’t seem like) it’s the high flow intake manifold, which is the first true performance air filter specifically designed for the XR1200 made by a huge 65 mm elbow, produced by a unique patented process that allows the use of thin walled lightweight (only 305gr) construction. Back to back dyno tests have shown a 4.6CV (4.54bhp) increase over the stock filter arrangement (tested using same bike, same dyno, same day and same operator).

But here's a part of the wide range of kits used to this bike:


088417: Our exhaust that now is discontinued.

Free Spirits Harley Davidson xr1200206903: Exhaust silencer bracket for those who use the Suspension Block Risers (209001). Available Black or Silver.


049907: This unit that uses generation 3 Dobeck TFI technology and has several advantages over previous models. With this fuel injection unit mixture adjustment is by means of 3 push buttons on the top face of the controller. Supplied with new simplified instructions. Part for Harley Davidson Sportster 883-1200 07-13 and XR1200.

204010: Performance air filter designed for the Harley Davidson XR1200 / XR1200X models. The first true performance air filter specifically designed for the XR1200 that completely removes the original restrictive airbox. The 65 mm diameter tubular stainless steel elbow is produced by a unique patented process that allows the use of thin walled lightweight (only 305 gr) construction. The kit includes a well proven Sprint filter (water repellent) ‘Cone’ air filter, black finished tubular elbow manifold, Crankcase breather pipes, active intake valve emulator and required fittings. Back to back dyno tests have shown a 4.6 CV (4.54 bhp) increase over the stock filter arrangement (tested using same bike, same dyno, same day, same operator). Will fit all Harley Davidson XR1200 and XR1200X models.

In addition, the new filter is WATER REPELLENT! so you don't need the classic "sock" to protect in case of rain. For this kit spare parts are available.

Innovative material
Sprint Filter is the only patented water repellent filter that will prevent liquid substances from passing through, allowing it to be used in bad weather conditions. The new P08 WP is a new concept air filter and was born in racing, presently used in World Championships Moto GP Moto 3, Superbike, Supersport and Superstock Other filter materials tend to break (cotton) or with severe pressure falls (sponge) There isn't another filter in the World built with this patented technology.

Maintenance free
P08 WP filter is practically free maintenance. Cleanable just by compressed air from the motor side out and re-insert it in the airbox. does not need washing or oil treatments to retain dust. If maintained in the correct way, will last for the entire life of the bike and will no longer be necessary to replace it.


209001: Although the XR1200 may be “sporty” by Harley Davidson standards, it is still a long way from being and handling like a modern sports bike. When the XR1200 race bikes were developed in Europe, they came up with the idea of using solid spacer blocks to raise the rear ride height by around 2" in order to quicken the steering, improve the handling and improve ride height. We have taken this same idea and, using our own test bike, have developed and fine tuned the riser blocks so that they are lighter, stronger and better looking than the original race parts. The original riser blocks used in the Spanish and Italian race series weighed 0.75kg each, ours now weigh just 0.15kg each. These are manufactured from aerospace grade aluminium and anodized in black. Passenger footrests and associated hangers need to be removed in order to fit these blocks, as they use the same mounting positions on the frame as the original passenger footrest brackets. If you are using the stock or aftermarket exhaust pipes that attach to the passenger footrest then a new exhaust mount will need to be fabricated therefore we build code 206902. For use with stock or aftermarket suspension units. Supplied as a full kit including two riser blocks, mounting bolts and new upper shock bolts. Please Note: These blocks are designed for race use and have not been tested or warranted for use on public highways. They will significantly quicken the steering and alter the handling lease take care when first riding the bike with these parts fitted.

801732: Part for Harley Davidson XR1200 (OEM size) & Sportster (20 mm longer). High Performance Bitubo rear shock absorber. Micrometric metal ring for spring preload. Rebound (continuous ring). Compression (clicking knob on top of separate tank)

harley davidson xr1200 boss 88TRIPLE TREES

202402K: This kit for Harley Davidson XR1200, offers replacement top and bottom triple clamps in lightweight CNC machined billet aluminium. The fork offset is 0 degrees, 1.5 more than stock and the same as the Italian XR1200 Trophy race version, therefore handling will stable (this is to partially compensate the raised tail with suspensionrisers fitted). The triple bolt bottom yoke is much lighter, stiffer and stronger than the stock item. Kit includes headlight bracket. Available in black and silver anodizing. Spare parts available for this kit.

harley davidson xr1200 boss 88FOOTREST

206900K: Multi adjustable billet aluminium CNC machined rearset footrests specifically to fit the Harley Davidson XR1200. Superbly manufactured and anodised in black, these rearsets weigh just 1.56kg complete with all linkages, fluid reservoir etc (original footrests weight 2.8kg). These feature adjustable footrest position via an eccentric footpeg mount, which allows adjustment from the stock position to 2" up and back. Gear linkage gives more precise shifting. Includes new rear brake fluid reservoir and utilises stock rear master cylinder. No more scraping footrests around corners with these fitted.


207602R: This light weight pulley replaces stock, made of aluminium billet drive pulley temperate and surface hardened special steel galvanised inner part changeable totally stainless, reduced weight at 680 gr. This 27 teeth pulley can be used to increase torque. Using the original belt. Part for Harley Davidson XL Sportster 2004-2013 and XR1200. Attention! U.S. XL 1200 models fitted to the sprocket teeth 29 oem. World XL 1200 models fitted to the sprocket teeth 30 oem.

207660: The stock Harley Davidson belt tensioner is designed to keep the belt under constant tension, except it doesn’t! When the suspension is completely unloaded, such as when pulling stoppies or even braking hard, the tension is increased to an alarming degree, which can actually damage belts, wheel bearings and pulley bearings. This spring loaded item is designed to maintain a tension of 10.5kg (depending on model) regardless of swingarm position and will help lengthen belt and bearing life. Maintenance free belt tensioner. To obtain correct tension: Lean belt on the idle sprocket and slightly press it down (just a little). Fasten two mounting bolts at N.m 28 (to be add on existing instruction). Utilises stock tensioner wheel. Part for Harley Davidson XR1200. Attention: the pulley is not included.

757668: Not just done to improve appearance, this also balances the rough cast stock rear pulley for a smoother ride and lighter weight. Part for Harley Davidson Sportster 04-13 & XR1200. Please note: These products are produced on an exchange basis and you must send us your original parts for conversion. Price shown is for the work only and does not include the original part.

harley davidson xr1200 boss 88BRAKES

205703: Same specifications as the front set, this kit comes with banjo fittings to accept the original caliper or the 2 & 4 pot Brembo caliper, plus new hydraulic brake light switch. Part for Harley Davidson XR1200.
Note: this kit is slightly more complicated to fit than the front, simply because the original brake line shares part of the mounting bracket with the alarm system control box. However fitting can be done with normal hand tools.

205706: Same specifications as the front set, this kit comes with banjo fittings to accept original caliper or 4 pot Brembo caliper. However fitting can be done with normal hand tools.

203911: Larger 320 mm floating front discs give increased feel, better stopping power, and reduced brake wear compared to the stock 290 mm items. This kit includes two anodised black billet caliper adapters, to reposition the original brake calipers, and two of the latest generation 320 mm front brake discs. The braking surface is made of special high quality carbon steel, heat treated to the full harley davidson xr1200 boss 88thickness and is formed with laser cutting. The hub is CNC machined and is of floating design. Particular attention is given to the final finishing of this product to ensure the callipers are parallel to the braking surface. The kit mounts easily on the original fittings.

205701: Complete kit with 2 piston Brembo caliper, mounting bracket and spacer (Bracket available anodised black or silver).It is recommended to replace original rear brake pipe with the kit 205703.


harley davidson xr1200 boss 88
208920: Competition style headlight mask/number board with solid supports, EU approved projector style lights, aluminum alloy 'number plate' board. The wiring is prepared to fit the original wiring loom.

208915: Homologated (E Marked) LED rear/brake light. Includes brackets for turn signals and replaces stock plastics. Compatible with original tail and Fiberglass solo seat cod (208837).

201903: While top shock absorber was created to purely aesthetic, the bottom paddocks stand bobbins with new galvanized steel mounting hardware not only add more secure rear support but also acts as a protection.

208504: Swingarm protectors easily fitted in seconds.They will save you from expensive damage in the event of a spill.

208505: They will save you from expensive damage in the event of a spill. For installation necessary enlargement sx hole in front axle with M 6,5 drill bit. Spare parts are available for this kit.

209017: Dashboard plate for Harley Davidson XR1200. Utilises the original speedometer, tachometer and original lights wiring with new billet aluminium surround/bracket incorporating the original warning lights. This model replaces the original bracket for use with original handlebar risers.

harley davidson xr1200 boss 88FAIRING

208838: Ideal for those who want a solo seat look but want to keep the original seat. Installs using the original screws. The seat is not included. Supplied in unpainted fibreglass ready to finish.

208839: Exact copy of the original tank cover, manufactured from extremely light fibreglass ready to finish. Uses stock fittings. Bolt-in kit.

208844: Harley Davidson XR1200 fiberglass belly pan shaped to accommodate the side stand. Unpainted fibreglass ready to paint.

harley davidson xr1200 boss 88 harley davidson xr1200 boss 88
Free Spirits Harley Davidson XR1200 Free Spirits Harley Davidson xr1200