Life time warranty on X-Pipe & H-Pipe

Life time warranty on X-Pipe & H-Pipe
We are sure you know that after our X-Pipe many competitors have started to build their own, which are more or less similar and it’s not a big deal, but recently we started to receive a consistent numbers of mails that ask; why your product has such high cost compare competitors?
Well we don’t know why other manufacturers cost less, but using premium quality, Developing and testing has costs that copycat doesn’t and last but not least, we really build them at our place, we do NOT use pre-processed Asian pipes.
However, what worry us the most is that our loyal dealers are “trap” with our expensive product while competitors have an easy and more economical version to sale, but suddenly a dealer come up with a brilliant solution: why not offering a lifetime warranty? (to prove that we are 100% confident, and help to justify the high prices).
So we posted on our website and all our socials this newness.


Life time warranty will cover all the X-Pipe including the ones sold so far and we extended it also to the new H-Pipe.


To end; we want you to know that all this is not about money, but mainly for the reason just explained above, plus to be completely honest, by getting old ( :-) ), we have learned to overlook copycat, but deep inside we never accept those that skip developing (which involve many mistakes, researches, tests, in other words a consistent waste on money) mainly because due to their lower price, those careerist make look us greedy and this is quite unfair, as this is not about a healthy competition.

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X-Pipe Mounting Video

H-Pipe Mounting Video

Life time warranty on X-Pipe & H-Pipe