Triumph Street Cup

Photos Flyer

088305: Our X-Pipe replaces your bike's original catalytic converter to increase power, reduce heat and weight. By retaining your OEM mounting points our X-Pipe prevents premature failure of your header pipes, caused by the movement allowed by 'un-fixed' systems. Attention!: When you mount the X-pipe you’ll lose homologation. Thanks to the new "original self learning system", no needs to add map or additional fuel unit.

301903: This product was created to purely aesthetic, can replace the unsightly factory bolts. Bushings alloy billet and anodized black, galvanized steel bolts.

302307: "Bolt-in" kit, it includes:
- Lightweight Bracelets CNC machined to set directly on the original fork.
- 7/8”(22 mm) Tubes removable in seconds, with anchor-bolts to mount original end-bar mirrors: Triumph A9638132, A9638133, A9630205, A9630206, or as alternative aftermarket Motorcycle Storehouse & Torq Distribution code 943875, 943876, 943877, 943878.
- Black anodized CNC machined alloy covers made to slide over fork tube between OEM triple trees to cover exposed legs.
- Silver anodized riser hole plugs, to plug the riser seats in the top triple tree.
No need to replace original wires and “brake hoses” original control fit.


303816T: Complete kit with 4 piston Brembo Titanium caliper, cnc machined mounting bracket black anodized. Fully floating front brake rotor oversized (diameter 340 mm), with high-quality braking band fully tempered, alloy hub and buttons. Mounts easily on exisiting fittings and is suitable for models with ABS. It use the OEM master cylinder and brake line. The kit include the brake pads. Our kit allows the wheel to remain centred in the stock position. Fades resistance, Increases braking power and modulation.

304022: Bolt-on High Flow air cleaner kit for Triumph Street Twin, Street Cup & Bonneville T100 2016 up. This new solution has been developed to considerably improve the delivery of air to the motor; providing better performance and a cooler operating temperature. Kit includes CNC alloy cap and brace to secure our 52 mm elbow and water repellent SF filter. The air flow increases considerably, but thanks to the bike's new "self learning" OEM engine software, our testing has shown there is no need to add costly maps or an additional fuel unit. No need to remove original air-box. Engine temperature decrease of roughly 10 degrees.

305304T: Rear floating disc & 4 pot caliper for Triumph Street Twin & Street Cup. The kit contains:
- 4 piston “Brembo” caliper (Titanium)
- Black anodized billet aluminum bracket
- Fully floating brake rotors (diameter 300 mm), with high-quality braking band fully tempered, alloy hub and buttons.
It uses the Original master cylinder and brake line. Fades resistance, Increases braking power and modulation.

306206: This black anodized alloy Cups has been built for aesthetic reason only. Kit built to remove passenger footpegs. Kit comes with galvanized steel bolts and nuts.

307516: Black coated “Belt Guard” expressly built for our “Belt Drive Conversion” 307594 - 307595.

307594: Belt transmission primarily made to reduce “loss of power” between transmission box and rear wheel, over to eliminate completely maintenance (no cleaning, no greasing).
65 teeth alloy pulley
27 teeth nickel plate pinion
126 teeth belt
The ratio is the same than the original one.
ATTENTION! This is Not a Bolt-in kit! Due to clearance reason it’s necessary to shave down a protrusion on the gearbox, see instruction on page 8 & 9 picture 13 & 14.
Kit is REVERSIBLE. The OEM chain guard is not compatible with this kit, it can be replaced with the code 307516.

308517: This new engine crash pad has been designed to dissipate-disperse the power of the collision to more points, avoiding absolutely to concentrate it in one point.

308518: Black anodized alloy Cups built for aesthetic reason only. Made to be mounted on clutch and alternator cover with OEM bolts. They can be mounted on our crankcase protection code: 308517

309009:  12V Dual USB socket to be connect on OEM accessories sockets. To recharge cameras, navigation systems, smart phones and other accessories while traveling.

403932: Adjustable and articulated, brake & clutch levers made entirely in Italy by Bolcato racing with high quality alloy. Micrometer precise screw to adjust lever distance. Pivoted levers that fold away upwards, to reduce chance of breakage in case of crash. Simply pushes back into place.