The following interactive demo should help you understand what each mode adjustment is affecting within a vehicle drive cycle. Please remember the following points for this demo:

  1. • The demo is illustrating the most common feature setup for applications. Be sure to understand which features are assigned for your particular TFI controller. The features will be listed in your instructions. They can also be found by navigating to your vehicle in the product section.
  2. • The fuel ranges are blown up for illustration purposes. In real applications, slight fuel changes from the stock curve can make a big difference.
  3. • Do not assume from the power curve graph that the controller has simply low, mid, and high range fuel adjustments. For illustration purposes the graph shows the natural progression through the zones for one given gear.
  4. • Each mode can be defined as either a FUELING mode GREEN/YELLOW/RED (Modify the fuel amount levels) or a SWITCH POINT mode Green-Blue/Yellow-Blue/Red-Blue (Determine the transition point between two corresponding zones)

The pictured controller is functional!!

Press the Mode, Plus (+), and Minus (-) buttons to make adjustments.

The ADJUSTING MODE is entered by pressing the MODE button. Pressing the MODE button multiple times will move you through all the available adjusting modes which can be up to six modes. Not pressing ANY BUTTONS for several seconds will exit the ADJUSTING MODE, save your light setting positions, and take you back to basic operation displays. Take note that each button is very SENSITIVE and MAY result in you skipping a mode or a light setting position. Within the ADJUSTING MODE you will see either one or two GREEN, YELLOW or RED LEDs flashing at a moderate rate. You may also see the 8th LED flashing BLUE which means you are within the 4th, 5th, or 6th ADJUSTING MODE. The light setting number is determined by the left flashing LED position plus 0.5 if the next LED is also flashing.