Triumph Bobber


088305: Our X-Pipe replaces your bike's original catalytic converter to increase power, reduce heat and weight. By retaining your OEM mounting points our X-Pipe prevents premature failure of your header pipes, caused by the movement allowed by 'un-fixed' systems.Thanks to the new "original self learning system", no needs to add map or additional fuel unit.


302321: Black anodized CNC machined billet aluminum covers. Made to slide over fork tube between OEM triple trees to cover exposed legs.

303805: Fully floating front brake rotor (diameter 310 mm), with high-quality braking band fully tempered, alloy hub and buttons. Particular attention is given to the final finishing of the product to ensure the parallelism of the braking band. It mounts easily on the original side.

303818: This kit gives greater fade resistance. Kit includes NEW cnc machined heavy duty floating bracket (black anodized), and fully floating front brake rotor oversized (diameter 340 mm), with high-quality braking band fully tempered, alloy hub and buttons. It use the OEM master cylinder, brake line and caliper. Mounts easily on existing fittings and is suitable for models with ABS.


303901: Front 'Dual Disc' Hub CNC machined and designed to suit original rim, tire, brake-discs (or our upgrade 303817) and axle assembly. Includes; CNC Hub, NEW spokes, nipples, wheel bearings and seals. Your Bobber’s original brake master cylinder works perfectly with this kit. To complete this modification it is necessary to replace the Right Side Lower fork leg with the OEM T120 Triumph part #T2041667. An additional brake caliper for the right side will also be required, the OEM T120 part #T2027544 fit perfectly, or alternately use OEM calipers from Street Triple 2007-2012. Also an additional OEM Bobber or T120 brake disc part #T2023388 is needed.


304021: Bolt-on High Flow air cleaner kit for Triumph T120, Thruxton 1200 & Bobber: This new solution has be developed to allow conical filter to work as they born for, narrow end in the front, large area in the rear, otherwise large surface would create a “vacuum effect” which is not a real improvement. Our kit increases considerably the delivery of air to the motor; providing better performance and a cooler operating temperature. This was possible thanks to our special 180 degree elbow. The 50 mm diameter “180 degree elbow” made from stainless steel is produced by a unique patented process that allows the use of thin walled light weight construction (546 gr including looking-ring, while the SF Water proof filter is 128 gr). The air flow increases considerably, but thanks to the bike's new "self learning" OEM engine software, our testing has shown there is no need to add costly maps or an additional fuel unit. No need to remove original air-box. Engine temperature decreased of 10 degrees.

306106: Alloy Forward Control Kit CNC machined specifically designed to fit Triumph Bobber. Our new design offers a range of possible rider positions, perfect for custom fitting. This kit comes standard with:
New brake fluid reservoir with Brembo master cylinder
Shifter rod and brake line kit to suit the most forward position (shorter rod/brake line kits available as special order).
Movements run on sealed bearings.


307597: Belt transmission primarily made to reduce “loss of power”, over to eliminate completely maintenance (no cleaning, no greasing).
61 teeth alloy pulley
27 teeth nickel plate pinion
136 teeth belt
Ratio slightly shorter compare to the original.

307598: Narrow Belt Transmission to accept Fat Tire with 5.5 ring
56 teeth alloy pulley
27 teeth nickel plate pinion
135 teeth belt 20mm

308518: Black anodized alloy Cups built for aesthetic reason only. Made to be mounted on clutch and alternator cover with OEM bolts.

308938: Triumph Bobber side headlamp kit. The kit includes: CNC bracket, Bates headlight 4 - 1/2 inch black painted and dedicated wiring. Available 4-1/2" Spot lamp (amber) code 179910.

403932: Adjustable and articulated, brake & clutch levers made entirely in Italy by Bolcato racing with high quality alloy. Micrometer precise screw to adjust lever distance. Pivoted levers that fold away upwards, to reduce chance of breakage in case of crash. Simply pushes back into place.

triumph bobber flyer triumph bobber flyer