Triumph Bonneville MB

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049931: This unit that uses generation 3 Dobeck TFI technology and has several advantages over previous models. With this fuel injection unit mixture adjustment is by means of 3 push buttons on the top face of the controller, supplied with new simplified instructions.

403931: Adjustable and articulated, brake & clutch levers made entirely in Italy by Bolcato racing with high quality alloy. Micrometer precise screw to adjust lever distance. Pivoted levers that fold away upwards, to reduce chance of breakage in case of crash. Simply pushes back into place.

301204: This kit considerably improves original fork, which has an almost absent hydraulic, into a well controlled, progressive and stable unit. New valve kit, increases front stability, braking characteristics by consenting a perfect control of deceleration even under the hardest braking, it increases the grip entering and exiting a curve thanks to the immediate hydraulic control.
The kit contains:
- Rebound piston, fully billet machined from Ergal.
- Compression piston, fully billet machined from Ergal
- Fluxed passage holes with centesimal tolerance
- Pyramid shims packs with an incremental progression curve
- High sliding O-rings and band seals.

301901: Our "block risers" are made of light alloy tempered, and are available in black. They are equipped with new bolts. Fit to the original position. Raise the rear of about 35 mm.


801907: Triumph Scrambler (400 mm) High Performance Bitubo rear shock absorbers (40 mm longer than original)
110 mm travel (40 mm longer than original)
Micrometric metal ring for spring preload.
Rebound (continuous ring)
Compression (clicking knob on the top of separate tank)

302311: Pull back riser kit 80 mm wide available only for Free Spirits kit code 302312, 302314, 302315 in combination with Riser 302313. Product in aluminum alloy CNC machined black anodized 30 mm back - 40 mm Lift.

Pull back riser kit (black)

302315: Kit steering plates designed to accommodate original Tiger 1050 U.S.D. fork. Wheelbase as the original Triumph Tiger 1050, and caster as the original Triumph Bonneville. These fabulous CNC machined billet triple trees fit Triumph Bonneville. Can be adapted also for Triumph Thruxton, Scrambler, and SE. Accept original riser (excluding single top clamp riser). Available Free Spirits fat bar risers 1-1/8" inch (28,5 mm) cod 302313

303804: Front brake disc with braking band of special high quality carbon steel, heat treated to the full thickness and is formed with laser cutting, CNC hub and pawls variable floating. Particular attention is given to the final finishing of the product to ensure the parallelism of the braking band.

303821: Universal tank kit for brake fluid or hydraulic clutch. With a window for the control of liquid level. Fits all brake and clutch pumps with separate tank.

Brake fluid reservoir kit (Red)

303900: Front dual disc hub CNC machined, on which you can mount spokes, rim and original brake-discs (or our bigger ones). Hub comes with 25 mm wheel bearings, which is compatible with the “Triumph Speed-Triple” wheel axle or a smaller one. Axle spacers must be built to be adapted to the chosen fork. Original “Triumph Speed Triple” USD fork, from 2005 up to our days, is the solution that we suggest, however, if you prefer a more classic look, we suggest the “Triumph Speed-Master” dual disc fork.

304020: High Flow aircleaner kit for Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton, America, Speedmaster. This new solution has be developed to allow conical filter to work as they born for, narrow end in the front, large area in the rear, otherwise large surface would create a “vacuum effect” which is not a real improvement. This was possible thanks to our special 180 degree elbow. The 57 mm diameter tubular stainless steel elbow is produced by a unique patented process that allows the use of thin walled light weight construction (322 gr including looking-ring, while the (Sprint Filter) filter is 128 gr). The quantity of air intake is so high that the resulting mixture is extremely lean (Thruxton cup racing map are not nearly enough) therefore is absolutely necessary to add our “fuel injector unit” to add fuel.


304030: Covers EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) from billet aluminum (red) anodized, designed purely for aesthetic reasons. Bolt-on kit to replace the originals ones.

Triumph Classic EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) covers (Red)

306200: Billet aluminum footpegs with anti slip rubber inserts for Triumph Bonneville & Scrambler. Supplied in pairs, developed to be mounted as a rider footpegs, they can easily be used for the passenger as well thanks to the hardware kit included with each package.

306204: Brake and shift pedals lever for Triumph Bonneville.

Brake pedal & gear pedal for Triumph Bonneville (Red)  Brake pedal & gear pedal for Triumph Bonneville (Red)

307515: Black coated “Belt Guard” expressly built for our “Belt Drive Conversion” 307585 - 307587

307551: This new belt tensioner is designed to keep a constant but light tension on the belt throughout swing-arm movement, the reduced stress and shock loads not only benefit and prevent premature lengthen of the belt but also and above all reduce stress from wheel and gearbox output bearings. Maintenance free belt tensioner.

Dynamic belt tensioner for Triumph Classic

307585: Belt transmission primarily made to reduce “loss of power” between transmission box and rear wheel, over to eliminate completely maintenance (not cleaning, not greasing, necessary on chain transmission).
Fits on Triumph Bonneville.
65 pawls alloy steel pulley
27 pawls nickel plate pinion
130 pawls belt
The ratio is the same than the original one.

307590: Bolt-in CNC aluminum alloy Flange specifically built to mount our “Belt Conversion Kit” 307585 - 307587 or Original sprocket.

308514: This new engine crash pad has been designed to dissipate-disperse the power of the collision to more points, avoiding absolutely to concentrate it in one point.

308523: Fork crash pads manufactured from a special material that slides instead caching-grasping asphalt. Fastener bolt are located internally to prevent damage.

308534: Nottolini in lega ricavati dal pieno e hardware di montaggio in acciaio galvanizzato. Kit completo che oltre a un più sicuro supporto posteriore funge anche da protezione.

308824: Kit parafango anteriore dal nuovo design in vetroresina pronto per la verniciatura, completo di staffe e viteria per il montaggio.

308919: Black painted aluminum undertail. This includes the support plate, the supports for turn signals, Lucas taillight and the necessary mounting hardware.

License plate & Undertray (Lucas) for Triumph Classic

308920: Competition style headlight mask/number board with solid supports, EU approved projector style lights, aluminum alloy 'number plate' board. The wiring is prepared to fit the original wiring loom. For this kit you must move the ignition switch and wiring contained in the original light.

309010: This product is designed to re-position your key ignition to the right side of the frame for better access.

309011K: 12V Dual USB socket to be connect on OEM accessories sockets.This double USB socket connects to your motorcycle battery adding a fuse or directly to the electrical system (recommended) using and can be attached to the handlebar using the sturdy bracket or built into your bike's dashboard. Chargers cameras, navigators smart phones and other electronic devices on the go. Discharge protector and short circuit fuse.
- Billet aluminum bracket to be mount on the left side
- Battery connecting cable 120 cm
- Waterproof protective cap
- Blue indicator light (when voltage present)
- Input: 12V DC
- Output: 5 V DC, 2 A

309016: Metal powder coated battery box to use when replacing original air box with performance conical air filter.

309017: Metal powder coated Additional bolt-in Box “space and weight savers” to connect a smaller and more powerful lithium battery on our battery box 309016.

309018: Billet aluminum CNC jointed support for Midland smartphone and GPS holder. This model are available for our riser 302313 , soon be available for the most common Triumph models. The Smartphone/GPS housing is not included in the kit.