Triumph Bonneville T12.2 Evo Mk3

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Here the evolution of our T12.2 into T12.2Evo MK3 presented at Motor Bike Expo. In addition to the graphic a lot of things are changed. Steven based the black-white-red graphic on Free Spirits traditional colors, with an extended rear. The livery mixes the symbol of Venice and Regione Veneto, the S. Marco's Lion with the English flag, the Union Jack: this is the extreme and completed summary between English tradition and Free Spirits art.

On the rear work two higher-performance Bitubo absorbers. The 320 mm disc brakes by Newfren comes with callipers and radial pump by Brembo. The CNC machined footpegs erase rise by 55 mm and move the back by 100 mm the foot position, similar to the geometry of Triumph Thruxton.

The engine guards made with plastic disperse the impact on several parts instead on one spot. Light steel 180° curved intake with conic airfilters bring air to the engine. The exhaust is a prototype with 45 mm stainless steel new mufflers. The DB killer does not affect negatively on Triumph T12.2 performances. A ECM Tfi unit is installed to optimize the engine modification and gas.

049931: This unit that uses generation 3 Dobeck TFI technology and has several advantages over previous models. With this fuel injection unit mixture adjustment is by means of 3 push buttons on the top face of the controller, supplied with new simplified instructions.

403930: Adjustable and articulated, brake & clutch levers made entirely in Italy by Bolcato racing with high quality alloy. Micrometer precise screw to adjust lever distance.

301200: This kit considerably improves original fork, which has an almost absent hydraulic action, into a well controlled, progressive and stable unit. New valve kit, increases front stability, braking characteristics by giving perfect control of deceleration even under the hardest braking, it increases the grip entering and exiting a curve thanks to the immediate hydraulic control.

302308: Black anodized 18 mm anchor-bolt, to mount mirror to the end of 7/8” (22 mm) Triumph Handlebar.

301300: Red anodized Pre-Load aluminum cap to replace original fork tube plugs. Can be easily mounted on tubes thanks to a special 32 mm anti-scratch socket (included on first kit). Smaller hexagon (19 mm ¾ inch) can easily and quickly load up to 10 mm fork spring. An additional central Allen head bolt is used to facilitate maintenance and oil refill without remove the fork tube plugs. Suitable for Triumph Classic & Cruiser models with fork diam 41 mm. Fast and easy to assemble, requires no modification.

301901: Our "risers block" are made of light alloy tempered, and are available in black. They are equipped with new bolts. Fit to the original position. Raise the rear of about 35 mm.

801904: Triumph Thruxton (original size) High Performance Bitubo rear shock absorbers. Micrometric metal ring for spring preload.
Rebound (continuous ring)
Compression (clicking knob on the top of separate tank).

302302: Fabulous CNC machined billet triple trees (Cafè racer) for Triumph Classic Black anodised, stiffer and stronger than the stock item. For Triumph Bonneville, Bonneville T100, Scrambler & Thruxton models (Excl. Bonneville & Bonneville SE with alloy Whells). Plates steering billet in a new alloy to ensure stiffness and yield strengths. The holes lightening thanks to their special geometry, both on the top plate which the lower one can reach a level of unique lightness while maintaining rigidity well above the standard. Another important factor is that the holes are finished by boring, and not interpolation, thus ensure an exact fit between stems and plates that consequently turns into greater rigidity. Complete with steering stud, is mounted on OEM steering bearings. Complete with istruction ready for installation. The Clip on bar are available with code: 302305 or 302306.

302305: Bracelets lightweight and machined from solid to ensure the maximum resistance, with collar of 41 mm to set directly on the original fork.

303809: Front brake disc with braking band of special high quality carbon steel, heat treated to the full thickness and is formed with laser cutting, CNC hub and pawls variable floating.

303900: Front brake disc with braking band of special high quality carbon steel, heat treated to the full thickness and is formed with laser cutting, CNC hub and pawls variable floating.

304020: High Flow aircleaner kit for Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton, America, Speedmaster. This new solution has be developed to allow conical filter to work as they born for, narrow end in the front, large area in the rear, otherwise large surface would create a “vacuum effect” which is not a real improvement. This was possible thanks to our special 180 degree elbow. The 57 mm diameter tubular stainless steel elbow is produced by a unique patented process that allows the use of thin walled light weight construction (322 gr including looking-ring, while the (Sprint Filter) filter is 128 gr). The air flow increases considerably and the mixture will be extremely lean (The racing muffler map is not enough), therefore it is absolutely necessary to add our unit TFI 049931 for EFI models, or jets kit suitable for models with carburetor.

305303: Rear bracket & 4 pot brake caliper for Triumph Classic. The kit contains:
- 4 piston Brembo gold caliper
- black anodized billet aluminum bracket
- fully floating front brake rotor, with high-quality braking band made by New Fren.
It use the OEM master cylinder and brake line.
Increases braking power and modulation.

306103: Billet aluminum CNC machined rearset footrest kit to fit on all Triumph Bonneville models. Lighter and stronger than stock. To complete the mounting it's necessary to use original Thruxton shift lever code: T2080639 (not available throught Free Spirits). Will fit Thruxton and Scrambler models, but will require separate purchase of OEM parts T205061 & T2075062. Also these parts are not available throught Free Spirits. Recommended the purchase of cod. 305307 to replace the original brake line.

307514: Exciting new design of aluminium sprocket cover. Also compatible with kit 307585, 307586 and 307587.

307515: Black coated “Belt Guard” expressly built for our “Belt Drive Conversion” 307585 - 307587.

307551: This new belt tensioner is designed to keep a constant but light tension on the belt throughout swing-arm movement, the reduced stress and shock loads not only benefit and prevent premature lengthen of the belt but also and above all reduce stress from wheel and gearbox output bearings. Maintenance free belt tensioner.

307585: Belt transmission primarily made to reduce “loss of power” between transmission box and rear wheel, over to eliminate completely maintenance (not cleaning, not greasing, necessary on chain transmission).
Fits on Triumph Bonneville.
65 pawls alloy steel pulley
27 pawls nickel plate pinion
130 pawls belt
The ratio is the same than the original one.
The sprocket cover can be replaced with the cod 307514.

307590: Bolt-in CNC aluminum alloy Flange specifically built to mount our “Belt Conversion Kit” 307585 - 307587 or Original sprocket.

308307: Supplied in unpainted white fiberglass finish ready to paint.

308315: This is not a “bolt on kit” but needs some fabrication skills to fit. This Kit includes the main front bracket, which is fastened on the steering neck by two bolts. Main bracket supports the front of the fairing, in addition to holding the adjustable headlight clamp. Ellipsoid headlamp (with main beam and dip facility) in included as well. Kit does NOT include side brackets, which must be custom made. As Free Spirits tradition all the modifications are reversible. Fairing might need some trimming and wind screen must be cut to size.

308514: This new engine crash pad has been designed to dissipate-disperse the power of the collision to more points, avoiding absolutely to concentrate it in one point.

308524: Fork crash pads use a special material that slide instead caching-grasping asphalt and this whyfastener bolt are located internally, instead been out at the same level.

308533: Swing arm crash pads use a special material that slide instead caching-grasping asphalt and this whyfastener bolt are located internally, instead been out at the same level.

308917: Black painted aluminum under-tail. Kit includes tail light with EC approved lens and harness, black coated license support with indicator bracket built-in and all the necessary mounting hardware.

309010: This product is designed to re-position your key ignition to the right side of the frame for better access. CNC machined from billet aluminum.

309011: 12V Dual USB socket to be connect on OEM accessories sockets. This double USB socket connects to your motorcycle battery adding a fuse or directly to the electrical system (recommended) using and can be attached to the handlebar using the sturdy bracket or built into your bike's dashboard. Chargers cameras, navigators smart phones and other electronic devices on the go. Discharge protector and short circuit fuse. Specifications:

- Billet aluminum bracket to be mount on the left side
- Battery connecting cable 120 cm
- Waterproof protective cap
- Blue indicator light (when voltage present)
- Input: 12V DC
- Output: 5 V DC, 2 A

309012: Kit designed specifically to relocate the voltage regulator, horn support is included.

309016: Metal powder coated battery box to use when replacing original air box with performance conical air filter. Several clips on side walls to mount original harness and relays.