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FreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motardFinally we have reached the point where we are sure we can bring this new bike to Glemseck, and from a technical point of view we believe it is already our masterpiece, in other words the best Triumph we have ever built. Here the description of the new bike, but first let me waste few more minutes of your time. As you know, we never been a fond of show bikes (for vain exhibitionist), concept bike (for creative artist) or collage bike (for those that “We wish but we can’t) a bike should be first of all a rideable bike (for riders). Are we the only one left, to remember that a bike should be, first of all a bike? ……..a rideable bike!

FreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motard

Nothing wrong with building fancy show bikes for the healthy “vip” or from waste (collage bike) for the less healthy and we understand also the new “Da Vinci L.” with their concept bikes, and of course they actually all help to keep up our bike scene vibrant and add some colour. BUT, while all of us spend so much energy on building bikes and pseudo-bikes, magazine should concentrate first of all on trying not to mix rideable bikes with more or less unrideable art-bikes. Magazines have the responsibility to divulge the correct information. To follow our philosophy we proudly want to present, and above all explain, this New Motard from a Triumph Scrambler chassis. Suspension and Geometry are highly improved and as usual all the modifications are completely reversible. This is an everyday and every weather bike, as it gives so much confidence in spite of his weight, a perfect bike for traffic and city


FreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motardFront fork with now 165mm. of travel use original tube with;
- New longer (to be more guided) bottom legs from Triumph America.
- New spring from Boneville (which are stiffer)
- And of course our kit “plus 45 longer excursion kit” code 301206.
- Most advanced kit build without any compromised.
- New spring
- New longer legs for improved sliding and 63mm. increased height.
- 45mm increased height and excursion from original 120 mm to 165 mm.
- New larger wheel axle with spacer and new wheel bearing
Made to work in combination with Bitubo High Performance shock absorber code 801907. “Bolt in” kit completely reversible.

- Over our “valve kit”. 301200
This kit considerably improves original fork, which has an almost absent hydraulic action, into a well controlled, progressive and stable unit. New valve kit, increases front stability, braking characteristics by giving perfect control of deceleration even under the hardest braking, it increases the grip entering and exiting a curve thanks to the immediate hydraulic control. Packaging contens detailed instructions, with attached shims chart. You can use the oil and the original components without substantial changes.

- And our “spring pre-loaded cap” code. 301300
Red anodized Pre-Load aluminum cap to replace original fork tube plugs. Can be easily mounted on tubes thanks to a special 32mm. anti-scratch socket (included on kit). Smaller hexagon (19 mm ¾ inc.) can easily and quickly load up to 10 mm fork spring. An additional central Allen head bolt is used to facilitate maintenance and oil change without the need to remove the fork tube plugs.

FreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motardOn the rear to compensate and balance front end, we have used a top quality Bitubo 400 mm and 110 mm travel shock absorber, see our code 801907
1 - (400 mm) High Performance Bitubo rear shock absorbers. (40 mm longer than original)
2 - 110 mm travel (40 mm longer than original)
3 - Micrometric metal ring for spring preload.
4 - Rebound (continuous ring)
5 - Compression (clicking knob on the top of separate tank) Available on request with black springs.

- To reduce excessive progression and make it a little stiffer we build new forward riser. Forward riser block made to reduce excessive “shock absorber” progression and lightly increase stiffness. Build from light alloy tempered, available in black. They are equipped with new bolts. Fit to the original position.

- To have more traction we use a new longer and more rigid swing arm from Triumph America

FreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motardFreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motardFreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motard

FreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motardTRANSMISSION

We substitute original wheel with Kineo 17”spoked wheels. In the front we fitted a 120/70 Pirelli Angel tire, while in the rear we use 180/55.To keep tire aligned we have build a:
- New 5mm offsets alloy pulley code 307588 (not yet available)
- And a new belt tensioner code 307551 to compensate offsets of the belt and longer swing arm.

FreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motardFreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motard

- New longer belt for longer swing arm

- New shifter lever with folding pin and reclining arm as well (not ready yet due to some production difficulty, why this extra complication?  Well, in case of fall, lever can break or more commonly and in the worse case “shifter shaft” can be bend, either case no chance to go back to home, but with reclining lever, chance to avoid damage will be improved, basically we use the same principle of handle bar reclining clutch and brake levers)


FreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motardBrake system has been revised and adjusted for this kind of driving as well. In the front thanks to the capital support of Newfren we have build a;
- New 340mm single floating brake disc with 9 button a Brembo 4 pot caliper.
- In the rear after trying very hard the bike we decided to replace OEM 255mm. rigid disc with a very light full floating 8 button 300mm rotor.
- Front and rear are equipped with Brembo 4 pot calipers, while master cylinders remain original.
- Both original brake hose are replace with new embroidered hose.

FreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motardFreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motard

- 403930: New Bolcato multi adjustable and reclining clutch and brake levers (made in Italy not made for Italy ;-)

FreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motardFreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motard


To give some energy to the engine we replace original very restrictive air box with;

- Our up-forward intake elbow code 304020.
High Flow aircleaner kit for Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton, America, Speedmaster
This new solution has be developed to allow conical filter to work as they born for, narrow end in the front, large area in the rear, otherwise large surface would create a “vacuum effect” which is not a real improvement. This was possible due to our special 180 degree elbow. The 57 mm diameter tubular stainless steel elbow is produced by a unique patented process that allows the use of thin walled light weight construction (322gr. including looking-ring, while the (Sprint Filter) filter is 128gr). The quantity of air intake is so high that the resulting mixture is extremely lean (Thruxton cup racing map are not nearly enough) therefore is absolutely necessary to add our “fuel injector unit” to add fuel.

FreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motardInnovative material
Sprint Filter is the only patented water repellent filter that will prevent liquid substances from passing through, allowing it to be used in bad weather conditions. The new P08 WP is a new concept air filter and was born in racing, presently used in World Championships Moto GP Moto 3, Superbike, Supersport and Superstock. Other filter materials tend to break (cotton) or with severe pressure falls (sponge)
There isn't another filter in the World built with this patented technology.

FreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motardMaintenance free
P08 WP filter is practically free maintenance. Cleanable just by compressed air from the motor side out and re-insert it in the airbox. Does not need washing or oil treatments to retain dust. If maintained in the correct way, will last for the entire life of the bike and will no longer be necessary to replace it.

- 309016: Metal powder coated battery box to use when replacing original air box with performance conical air filter. Several clips on side walls to mount original harness and relays

- To balance huge amount of air gained, we install our “full unit” code 049931. This unit that uses generation 3 Dobeck Tfi technology and has several advantages over previous models. With this fuel injection unit mixture adjustment is by means of 3 push buttons on the top face of the controller. Supplied with new simplified instructions.

Over this main operation and to have a correct posture we install a:

FreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motard - New reinforced Motard handle bar
- Foot rest code 306201.
These CNC machined alloy footrests give serious grip! The shape is designed to work also with rigid soled boots and to protect against obstacles such as hedges when used off road.
- extreme grip
- 40x90 comfortable rearward flat surface
- ergonomic sloped support
- completely reclining
- fast mounting

Over other many parts like:

- Master cylinder guard Code 305302
Guard designed to protect the vulnerable rear master cylinder from damage which could lock the rear brake.
Manufactured from CNC machined alloy.

triumph scrambler sm motardFreeSpirits triumph scrambler sm motard

- Skid plate code 308515
The motor protection has been designed for use in off-road, made of aluminum with a thickness of 3 mm. Covers the front and bottom of the chassis and engine, safe from damage out on rocks, stones triumph scrambler sm motardor tree stumps.

- front mask code 308920
Competition style headlight mask/number board with solid supports, EU approved projector style lights, aluminum alloy 'number plate' board. The wiring is prepared to fit the original wiring loom. For this kit you must move the ignition switch and wiring contained in the original light. Fits: Triumph Bonneville, Bonneville T100 & Scrambler. Not compatible with Bonneville and Bonneville SE with alloy wheels. NB. The kit comes with the table unpainted.

- Cod. 308516 Triumph Classic rear number plate

- risers code 302313.
Handlebar risers (Black) specifically for installation of oversize (fat bars) handlebars 1-1/18 " inches (28.5 mm). For Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton with Free Spirits triple trees code (302312) MY 2013.

triumph scrambler sm motardtriumph scrambler sm motard

- Our Dash board code 309014.
Dash board plate for Triumph Bonneville,  we chose to use the original speedo, so we build around a new billet bracket complete of wiring and 4 led (engine-red, neutral-green, high light-blue, indicator-green). Differs from 309013 for the different type of attack to the top plate best suited for those who want to keep the oem riser. Compatible with models Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton with harness CAN BUS.

triumph scrambler sm motardtriumph scrambler sm motard

And these are a small parts of our kits mounted in this bike. Here below a video of the event: