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Here an another adventure! Today let's talk about one of our latest brilliant creations.

FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler BisbeticaHere’s the Bisbetica, one of the two Scrambler marked Free Spirits, which was a key actor at “Raise The Dust” in the Austrian event Tridays 2013. But read on to be informed about the details and any doubt that leaps to mind.

These bikes are designed and built with the support of the Bitubo and several tests, we have prepared two of the eight participants in the motorcycle raid organized by the Pyrenees, two weeks in the wilderness, the first "Raise the Dust" and the second week with a smaller path named "Soulshine" as well as participate in the RUMBLE, the race that animates the day Saturday, and where the owners have eliminated each other.

Similar aesthetics, these two Scrambler, the Bisbetica and the Scaltra. Both adopt suspensions increased from the excursion, suitable for use off-road: 150 mm fork for the Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica and 165 mm (+45 mm compared to the original) for the Scaltra.

FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica We made a new chain tensioner to compensate the extreme tensions of the use, a new more protective paramotor and special footrest characterized by greater grip and from the step beveled to allow the insertion of the enduro boot in addition to various other protective kit. In this way, we have transformed from Triumph Scrambler for the city center to a wild bike for fun excursions in the mud.

And here is the starting point:  a Triumph Scrambler 900

Admire the motorcycles waiting to be removed from all its parts which will then be replaced by those marked Free Spirits.

Listed here there are some of our new kits specifically designed for this bike.

Triple Trees:

302312: CNC machined billet triple trees, to fit Triumph Bonneville up to 2008 and all Bonneville T100, Scrambler & Thruxton models. (Excl. Bonneville-SE 2009 up with alloy Wheels). Accept original riser.


049931: This unit that uses generation 3 Dobeck Tfi technology and has several advantages over previous models. With this fuel injection unit mixture adjustment is by means of 3 push buttons on the top face of the controller.

304020: This new solution has be developed to allow conical filter to work as they born for, narrow end in the front, large area in the rear, otherwise large surface would create a “vacuum effect” which is not a real improvement. This was possible due to our special 180 degree elbow. The 57 mm diameter tubular stainless steel elbow is produced by a unique patented process that allows the use of thin walled light weight construction (322 gr including looking-ring, while the (Sprint filter) filter is 128 gr) The quantity of air “bringing” is so high that mixture result extremely lean (Truxton cup racing map are not nearly enough) therefore is absolutely necessary to add our “fuel injector unit” to add fuel.

FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler BisbeticaFreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler BisbeticaFreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica

Suspension & Chassis:

801906: Triumph Scrambler (380mm) High Performance Bitubo rear shock absorbers. (20 mm longer than original) 90 mm travel (20 mm longer than original), Micrometric metal ring for spring preload. Rebound (continuous ring). Compression (clicking knob on the top of separate tank)

301901: Our "block risers" are made of light alloy tempered, and are available in black. They are equipped with new bolts. Fit to the original position. Raise the rear of about 35 mm.

FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler BisbeticaFreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler BisbeticaFreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica


FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica
This New chain tensioner is designed to keep a constant but light tension on the drive chain throughout swing-arm movement, the reduced stress and shock loads not only benefit and prevent premature lengthen of the chain but also and above all reduce stress from wheel and gearbox output bearings.


FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica303802: Complete kit with 4 piston Brembo gold caliper, cnc machined mounting bracket black anodized. Fully floating front brake rotor, with high-quality braking band, Ergal aluminum hub and centers. Fast and easy to assemble. No modifications are required. NB. Bonneville T100 original fender can be used with the kit. Suitable for Scrambler models.

305301: Billet aluminum bracket for Triumph Scrambler & Thruxton, designed to move rear OEM Caliper into a more suitable position for off-road use. Bolt-in kit fast and easy to mount, uses original hose.


 FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler BisbeticaFreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica

306201KR: These CNC machined alloy footrests give serious grip! The shape is designed to work also with rigid soled boots and to protect against obstacles such as hedges when used off road.
   - extreme grip
   - 40x90 comfortable rearward flat surface
   - ergonomic sloped support
  - completely reclining
   - fast mounting

FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler BisbeticaAccessories:

308821: Black painted steel. Developed for a raised front mud guard and suitable for a extreme off road use. Bolt-in kit.

308516: Plexiglass 'side number plate' board.  Quick and easy to be mounting on the rear footrest place, does not require any modification.

FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica
301300R: Red anodized Pre-Load aluminum cap to replace original fork tube plugs. Can be easily mounted on tubes thanks to a special 32mm. anti-scratch socket (included on kit). Smaller hexagon (19 mm - ¾ inch) can easily and quickly load up to 10 mm fork spring. An additional central Allen head bolt is used to facilitate maintenance and oil change without the need to remove the fork tube plugs.

301202: Special tool designed specifically for mounting the fork caps, avoiding damage or scratching.

307514: Exciting new design of aluminium sprocket cover. Also compatible with kit 307585, 307586 and 307587.

 FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler BisbeticaFreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica

FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica308514: This new engine crash pad has been designed to dissipate-disperse the power of the collision to more points, avoiding absolutely to concentrate it in one point. Fits Bonneville, Thruxton, Scrambler.

308515: The motor protection has been designed for use in off-road, made of aluminum with a thickness of 3 mm. Covers the front and bottom of the chassis and engine, safe from damage out on rocks, stones or tree stumps.

308534: CNC machined aluminium paddock stand bobbins with galvanized steel mounting hardware. Kit which in addition to a more secure rear support also acts as a protection. For all model Triumph modern classic.

FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica308920: Competition style headlight mask/number board with solid supports, EU approved projector style lights, aluminum alloy 'number plate' board. The wiring is prepared to fit the original wiring loom. For this kit you must move the ignition switch and wiring contained in the original light. Fits: Triumph Bonneville, Bonneville T100 & Scrambler. Not compatible with Bonneville and Bonneville SE with alloy wheels.

 FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler BisbeticaFreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica

088304: Stainless steel shield, designed to protect the right leg from direct contact with the manifold. (Discontinued)

209811: Lightweight CNC machined billet aluminium designed to attach to front forks of Harley Davidson models in order change the location of the original turn signals, or aftermarket with M8 thread. Fit all 41 mm diameter fork. Two piece clamps can be fitted without removing triple trees!

301902R: This product was created to purely aesthetic, can replace the unsightly factory bolts. Bushings alloy billet and anodized Red, galvanized steel bolts.

FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler BisbeticaFreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica

305302R: Guard designed to protect the vulnerable rear master cylinder from damage which could lock the rear brake. Manufactured from CNC machined alloy.

309012: Kit designed specifically to relocate the voltage regulator, horn support is included. Available painted black.

308401: These aluminium cnc machined screws with threaded galvanized insert, replace stock and unpractical original bolts that attach the seat. Easy to mount.

309010K: This product is designed to re-position your key ignition to the right side of the frame for better access. CNC machined from billet aluminum avaiable Black.

FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler BisbeticaFreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica

309014S: Dash board plate for Triumph Bonneville,  we chose to use the original speedo, so we build around a new billet bracket complete of wiring and 4 led (engine-red, neutral-green, high light-blue, indicator-green). Differs from 309013 for the different type of attack to the top plate best suited for those who want to keep the oem riser. Compatible with models Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton with harness CAN BUS.

 The bike revolutionized from head to feet:

 FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica

FreeSpirits Triumph Scrambler Bisbetica

And a little video of the event: