Triumph Speed Triple

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FreeSpirits Triumph Speed TripleThe Triumph Speed Triple is a series of motorcycles produced by Triumph Motorcycles. In 1994 the reborn Triumph became one of the earliest adopters of the new streetfighter style. This was essentially a modern sport bike or race replica motorcycle but without the aerodynamic plastic fairing. In this bike we put the command arrears adjustable sliders that conjure the worst in case of a fall protecting the radiator, the engine and many other parts. But here in the details some of the various changes made.

049933: As we all know fuel systems are mapped by the factory to be lean in everyday driving conditions in order to meet emission standards. When we change the exhaust, air filter or make any other modifications which has a better volumetric efficiency, this will lean out the fuel even more. The only way to adjust the fuelling and get the optimal setting on your fuel injected bike is to use a “fuel unit” like the TFI electronic Jet-kit. The TFI unit has several advantages: simplicity of adjustment, (no computers are required or any complicated spread sheets, no internet downloads) small dimensionss for easy mounting, great price, simple adjustment using just a screwdriver.

113807: 19x20 radial master cylinder. Lever span adjustment is possible on this model without affecting the piston operating point. It comes without mirror support and brake light switch, therefore for street use is necessary to mount the hydraulic brake light switch code 113808.

Parafango anteriore per tutti i modelli XB e 1125

208815: Supplied in unpainted fibreglass ready to finish.

302103: Lightweight mounts and machined from solid bars, to ensure the maximum strength Designed to fit directly to the original 52 mm forks. Handlebar diameter 22 mm, removable in seconds, with an angle of 8 degrees. (Not available in this moment).

302104: Billet aluminium CNC machined triple trees for use with clip on bars only (These have no facility for bolting on bar risers!). Fits all Triumph Speed Triple models from 2005-2010. Available in black anodised or natural aluminium (silver) finish, these are lighter and stronger than stock. (DISCONTINUED)

303804: Front brake disc with braking band of special high quality carbon steel, heat treated to the full thickness and is formed with laser cutting, CNC hub and pawls variable floating. Particular attention is given to the final finishing of the product to ensure the parallelism of the braking band. It mounts easily on the original side. (DISCONTINUED)
Pedane per Triumph Daytona e Speed T. 97-10 Silver

306101: Billet aluminium CNC machined rearset footrest kit to fit all Triumph Daytona 595/955 & Speed Triple 97-10 models. Lighter and stronger than stock, these are fully adjustable. Spare parts available.

308269: Lightweight fibreglass race fairing that fits Daytona 595 97-01 models, ideal for race use. Supplied in unpainted fibreglass ready to finish, uses stock screen. (DISCONTINUED)

FreeSpirits Triumph Speed Triple308279: Lightweight fibreglass solo seat with light-Led Stop "Design Type 97-01". Fits all Triumph Daytona 595 97-00 and Speed triple 97-01. Unpainted fiberglass ready to finish. (DISCONTINUED)

308512: Frame Sliders from billet alloy. These sliders are designed so as not to download the force of impact directly on the engine mounts, like the classic pads cheaper but because of unpleasant consequences (like the breaking of the head). Available in anodized black. Are provided of mounting hardware. For this kit are available spare parts. Part for Triumph Speed Triple 1997-2004.

308532: Swing arm crash pads manufactured from a special material that slides instead caching-grasping asphalt. Fastener bolt are located internally to prevent damage. Easily fitted in seconds. Spare parts are available for this kit. For all Triumph single arm models.