Triumph Street Scrambler


088306: Our H-Pipe replaces your bike's original catalytic converter to increase power, reduce heat and weight. By retaining your OEM mounting points our H-Pipe prevents premature failure of your header pipes, caused by the movement allowed by 'un-fixed' systems. Attention!: When you mount the H-pipe you’ll lose homologation. Thanks to the new "original self learning system", no needs to add map or additional fuel unit.

H-Pipe (de-cat) for Triumph Street Scrambler H-Pipe (de-cat) for Triumph Street Scrambler H-Pipe (de-cat) for Triumph Street Scrambler

301200: This kit considerably improves original fork, which has an almost absent hydraulic action, into a well controlled, progressive and stable unit. New valve kit, increases front stability, braking characteristics by giving perfect control of deceleration even under the hardest braking, it increases the grip entering and exiting a curve thanks to the immediate hydraulic control.

301300: Fork Spring Pre-load Adjustment‎ kit (Red) for Triumph 41 mm fork tube. Red anodized Pre-Load aluminum cap to replace original fork tube plugs. Smaller hexagon (19 mm ¾ inch) can easily and quickly load up to 10 mm fork spring. An additional central Allen head bolt is used to facilitate maintenance and oil refill without remove the fork tube plugs.

301905: Our "risers block" kit are made of light alloy tempered, available anodized black & equipped with galvanized steel bolts.Fit to the original position. Raise the rear of about 36 mm (1.417 inch). In addition the chain tensioner provided is designed to keep a constant but light tension on the drive chain throughout swing-arm movement, the reduced stress and shock loads not only benefit and prevent premature lengthen of the chain but also and above all reduce stress from wheel and gearbox output bearings. Maintenance free chain tensioner. Sprocket is lubricated by the chain so no need to lubricate separately.

Riser Block for Triumph New Classic (Black) Riser Block for Triumph New Classic (Black) Riser Block for Triumph New Classic (Black)

302319: Anodized CNC aluminum covers. They are mounted between top plate and the turn signal indicators OEM, with included O-Ring for that massive muscle bike look! Can be mounted on the OEM yoke.

303818: This kit gives greater fade resistance. Kit includes:
 - NEW cnc machined heavy duty floating bracket (black anodized)
 - Fully floating front brake rotor oversized (diameter 340 mm), with high-quality braking band fully tempered
 - Alloy hub and buttons.
It use the OEM master cylinder, brake line and caliper. Mounts easily on existing fittings and is suitable for models with ABS..

303820: The Free Spirits kit mounts directly into the original Nissin tank site without using the brackets, complete with an O-ring seal between the master cylinder and the tank, with a window for the control of liquid level. Fits all Nissin axial master cylinders with remote reservoir.

305308: Up Graded floating rear Brake Disc Kit. It use the OEM master cylinder, brake line and caliper. The kit contains:
 - Black anodized billet aluminum bracket
 - Fully floating brake rotors (diameter 300 mm), with high-quality braking band fully tempered, alloy hub and buttons.
Increase fades resistance.

308517: This new engine crash pad has been designed to dissipate-disperse the power of the collision to more points, avoiding absolutely to concentrate it in one point.

308518: Black anodized alloy Cups built for aesthetic reason only. Made to be mounted on clutch and alternator cover with OEM bolts. They can be mounted on our crankcase protection code: 308517.

308928: Black painted aluminum undertail. This kit includes:
 - Support plate
 - Supports for turn signals
 - LED taillight approved
 - Necessary mounting hardware
The wiring is prepared to fit the original wiring harness. Turn signals are not included in the kit. For installation of the OEM Triumph turn signal indicators, we recommended buying the 308932 adapter kit..

308932: Bolt-on brackets to mount new OEM turn signal on our under tray and license plate.
 - 308928 - 308930 Triumph Street Twin, Triumph Street Cup, Triumph Street Scrambler & Triumph Bonneville T100/T120
 - 308933 - 308934 Triumph Thruxton R & Standard.

triumph street scrambler flyertriumph street scrambler flyer