Triumph Wambo

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When can somebody be called an artist ? Is it necessary to be old enough ? Is it necessary that You have studied arts in university ? Is it necessary that You can earn Your money through it ? We don’t know. Moritz Bree is an eleven year old boy. Since he was able to hold a pencil in his hands he is drawing motorcycles. A stubborn little guy , with a right taste for colours and proportions. He is feeling at home in the world of customizing. Here nobody is asking about his age and gratuations. Passion for motorbikes shared with each other is what is counting in that world.

Beside this he doesn’ t mind, if he is regarded as an artist or not. He is just living his way of life with joy and passion. …because there are people who give support to him and let him do what he wants, who give a respect to his dreams and give him a platform to do his job. After the first successful colaboration with the ‘HARLEKIN’ project now Free Spirits and Moritz Bree proudly announce the second creative activity, called ‘WAMBO’.

A little grey elephant, who is carrying the right words on his neck.

To find out all motorbike’s parts that we are going to show, keep on reading

049931: This unit that uses generation 3 Dobeck Tfi technology and has several advantages over previous models. With this fuel injection unit mixture adjustment is by means of 3 push buttons on the top face of the controller, supplied with new simplified instructions.

403930: Adjustable and articulated, brake & clutch levers made entirely in Italy by Bolcato racing with high quality alloy. Micrometer precise screw to adjust lever distance. Pivoted levers that fold away upwards, to reduce chance of breakage in case of crash. Simply pushes back into place.

208815: Supplied in unpainted fibreglass ready to finish.

208845: Universal billet bracket, enables mounting of front fender code 208815, on any conventional fork legs.

209811: Lightweight CNC machined billet aluminium designed to attach to front forks for Harley Davidson and Triumph. Change the location of the original turn signals, or aftermarket with M8 thread. Fit all 41 mm diameter fork. Two piece clamps can be fitted without removing triple trees!

301206: Advanced kit built without any compromise that gives 45 mm increased height and excursion, from original 120 mm to 165 mm. Kit include new larger wheel axle with spacer, new wheel bearing and axle protector.

301300K: Black anodized Pre-Load aluminum cap to replace original fork tube plugs. Smaller hexagon (19 mm - ¾ inch) can easily and quickly load up to 10 mm fork spring. An additional central Allen head bolt is used to facilitate maintenance and oil change without the need to remove the fork tube plugs.

801907: Triumph Scrambler (400 mm) High Performance Bitubo rear shock absorbers (40 mm longer than original).
110 mm travel (40 mm longer than original)
Micrometric metal ring for spring preload.
Rebound (continuous ring)
Compression (clicking knob on the top of separate tank)

302312S: CNC machined billet triple trees, to fit Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler & Thruxton models (Excl. Bonneville-SE with alloy Wheels). Accept original riser (excluding single top clamp riser). Available Free Spirits fat bar risers 1-1/8" inch (28,5 mm) cod 302313.


302313S: Handlebar risers (silver) specifically for installation of oversize (fat bars) handlebars 1-1/18" inches (28.5 mm).

303815: Complete kit with 4 piston Brembo gold caliper, cnc machined mounting bracket black anodized. Fully floating front brake rotor, with high-quality braking band, Ergal aluminum hub and centers.

304020: High Flow aircleaner kit for Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton, America, Speedmaster. This new solution has be developed to allow conical filter to work as they born for, narrow end in the front, large area in the rear, otherwise large surface would create a “vacuum effect” which is not a real improvement. This was possible thanks to our special 180 degree elbow. The 57 mm diameter tubular stainless steel elbow is produced by a unique patented process that allows the use of thin walled light weight construction (322 gr including looking-ring, while the (Sprint Filter) filter is 128 gr). The quantity of air intake is so high that the resulting mixture is extremely lean (Thruxton cup racing map are not nearly enough) therefore is absolutely necessary to add our “fuel injector unit” to add fuel. In addition, the new filter is WATER REPELLENT! so you don't need the classic "sock" to protect in case of rain.


305302S: Guard designed to protect the vulnerable rear master cylinder from damage which could lock the rear brake. Manufactured from CNC machined alloy.

305303: Rear bracket & 4 pot brake caliper for Triumph Classic. The kit contains:
- 4 piston Brembo caliper
- black anodized billet aluminum bracket
- fully floating front brake rotor, with high-quality braking band made by New Fren.
Increases braking power and modulation.

306201KS: These CNC machined alloy footrests give serious grip! The shape is designed to work also with rigid soled boots and to protect against obstacles such as hedges when used off road.
- extreme grip
- 40x90 comfortable rearward flat surface
- ergonomic sloped support
- completely reclining
- fast mounting

306202: Kit to install the off-road foot-rest code 306201 on passenger side.

306203S: Reclining brake and shift pedals lever for Triumph Scrambler.


307514S: Exciting new design of aluminium sprocket cover. Also compatible with kit 307585, 307586 and 307587.

307551: This new belt tensioner is designed to keep a constant but light tension on the belt throughout swing-arm movement, the reduced stress and shock loads not only benefit and prevent premature lengthen of the belt but also and above all reduce stress from wheel and gearbox output bearings. Maintenance free belt tensioner.

307586S: Belt transmission primarily made to reduce “loss of power” between transmission box and rear wheel, over to eliminate completely maintenance (not cleaning, not greasing, necessary on chain transmission). Fits all Triumph America & Speedmaster models. Due to the new Heavy Duty steel nickel-plated Sprocket, kit is recommended for gravel or sandy road.
65 teeth alloy steel pulley
27 teeth nickel plate sprocket
140 teeth belt

308514S: This new engine crash pad has been designed to dissipate-disperse the power of the collision to more points, avoiding absolutely to concentrate it in one point.

308515S: The motor protection has been designed for use in off-road, made of aluminum with a thickness of 3 mm. Covers the front and bottom of the chassis and engine, safe from damage out on rocks, stones or tree stumps.

308524: Fork crash pads use a special material that slide instead caching-grasping asphalt and this whyfastener bolt are located internally, instead been out at the same level.

308534: CNC machined aluminium paddock stand bobbins with galvanized steel mounting hardware. kIt which in addition to a more secure rear support also acts as a protection.

308918: Black anodized CNC machined aluminum license bracket. Includes support plate with turn signals bracket, and LED taillight EC approved.

308923: The kit includes: Fiberglass windshield ready for painting, Bates Headlight with prismic deflector EC Approved without parking light. with 55/60W H4 light bulb included, and steel bracket black painted. This kit is designed to remove the support and the original headlight. Can be mounted on a basis of the original steering, also on code (302312). For this type of bracket you must move the ignition switch, rectifier and wiring contained in the original light.


308924: The kit includes: CNC aluminium alloy bracelet black anodized, Bates headlight 4 - 1/2 inch black painted and dedicated wiring. Available 4-1/2" Spot lamp (amber) code 179910.


309010: This product is designed to re-position your key ignition to the right side of the frame for better access. CNC machined from billet aluminum.

309011: 12V Dual USB socket to be connect on OEM accessories sockets. This double USB socket connects to your motorcycle battery adding a fuse or directly to the electrical system (recommended) using and can be attached to the handlebar using the sturdy bracket or built into your bike's dashboard. Chargers cameras, navigators smart phones and other electronic devices on the go. Discharge protector and short circuit fuse. Specifications:
- Billet aluminum bracket to be mount on the left side
- Battery connecting cable 120 cm
- Waterproof protective cap
- Blue indicator light (when voltage present)
- Input: 12V DC
- Output: 5 V DC, 2 A


309012: Kit designed specifically to relocate the voltage regulator, horn support is included.

309014S: We chose to use the original speedo, so we build around a new billet bracket complete of wiring and 4 led (engine-red, neutral-green, high light-blue, indicator-green). Differs from 309013 for the different type of attack to the top plate best suited for those who want to keep the oem riser.