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Harley Davidson Sportster Dynamic belt tensioner - KIT

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The Tensioner is developed primarily to dampen the belt tensions in deceleration and stress to the wheel bearings and the pinion, maintaining a constant pressure.

This particular model is obligatory where you want to lift up the rear, because the increased inclination of the swingarm, generates (inevitably) a difference in dimensional between the belt drive and swingarm extension, only compensated with a bending of the lower branch to belt drive that balances during the excursion of the swingarm.

The aim is to extend the life of the belt and the wheel bearings and gearbox, as well as facilitating the smoothness of the secondary transmission and reducing the excessive tension.

Maintenance free belt tensioner.

For reasons of space it is necessary to modify the exhaust system and the rear brake master cylinder position.
Complete with everything needed for installation and complete with instructions.
As Free Spirits tradition all the modifications are reversible.

Part for Harley Davidson Sportster from 2004.

For this kit spare parts are available.