"New Sales System"

We are a small Italian company that develops and manufactures certified parts for motorcycles since 1997. We are specialized in components for Harley Davidson and Triumph, please see the link https://www.freespiritsparts.com/. Before producing new components, we discuss about problems and shortcomings of specific motorcycle models with certain dealers, evaluate the demand and after we buy a motorcycle for measurement, testing and development. Some of our products are TUV approved for the most complex and demanding market - Germany, which also guarantees its quality and mature engineering design. We sell our products only to authorized dealers and we don’t have a minimum amount of order.

We speak Italian, English, French, Spanish, and Russian languages.

To follow our philosophy all new kits are developed with some points:

  • - Quick and easy to mount.
  • - Completely reversible.
  • - Spare parts available.

To avoid complication generated by lack of experience and tooling, we prefer to sell our products only trough professional shops that they will take care about installation.

For this reasons we would like to introduce an “Experimental New Sales System” to support dealers, bringing the end customers directly to his favorite dealer.

But…how it works?

The system is really simple!

  1. 1. Retail customer place an order directly on our website selecting his favorite dealer
  2. 2. Selected dealer receives a mail of placed order
  3. 3. After dealer confirmation order, retail customer will receive a link where he can pay with credit card or PayPal
  4. 4. Free Spirits will ship the order to the selected dealer. Profit margin will be charge in his account to use in the next order
  5. 5. That’s it!

The primary objective is to acquire new customers for dealers, without any wasting time.

Dealers Benefits:

  • - New customers to the dealer
  • - Dealer will receive the profit margin on the sale anyway, that can be deducted from his next order
  • - Dealer is not exposed with money, the goods are prepaid by the final customer
  • - No more wasting time on placing order no phone calls, mails, difficult to have payment... with the end customer

This “Experimental New Sales System” will not replace the existing one, it’s only another option in support with actual B2B.

At the moment the system will be active only for Europe.

This is a very innovative system to work with our dealer so we would like to have your opinion!

Please compile the form below and let us now what do you think about!