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In the last few years, many manufacturers have adopted a final toothed belt transmission rather than the classic chain drive.

The advantages in this type of transmission system are more than one as already anticipated in the title, let’s analyze them. First of all, the belt, unlike the chain, doesn’t need to be lubricated, because it works in dry condition. No more annoying stops by the mechanic just to grease the chain after 500 or 1000 km.

Another advantage given by the use of the belt is in the adjustment of the chain pull, in fact, the belt does not stretch during use, so you can forget all those checks on the correct tension before each travel.

Belt drive conversion for Triumph Bobber & Speedmaster 1200

The last advantage is the reduced weight.

In fact the system, given by the two pulleys and the belt, weighs less than the original given by chain, crown and pinion and the mechanical friction of the chain is more than that of the belt. All of this is reflected in a reduced loss of power to the wheel, so we will be able to exploit a greater part of the engine power and the power that we will read at the wheel will be higher.

The ratio will be slightly shorter than the original ratio with the chain, so the bike will be more ready when you accelerate and exit tight bends, taking advantage of a higher torque.

Features of the new system:

  • Alloy pulley: 61 teeth
  • Nickel plate pinion: 27 teeth
  • Belt: 136 teeth

Triumph Bobber Belt Drive Conversion kit

The new system requires a small modification to be mounted, it is necessary to cut a sheet that prevents the insertion of the belt and replace it with the compatible component already included in the FreeSpirits ’ kit. This little work is well explained in the instructions where images are also present to help understanding. This change however does not prevent the possibility of returning to the original chain solution if desired.

The kit is suitable for:

  • Triumph Bobber
  • Triumph Bobber Black
  • Triumph Speedmaster 1200

Belt drive conversion for Triumph Bobber & Speedmaster 1200

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