How can you surprise a Triumph rider with a Christmas Gift?

It’s already december and Christmas is on the scene…

Thinking about this time of the year and to help you with authentic Christmas gifts, Free Spirits prepared a list of some original suggestions to surprise any Triumph Rider.

Maybe they won’t reach the sensation of riding free with wind in your face, or a new bike, but certainly will be really appreciated.

Helmet Hook

A very useful gift for any rider. You won’t have to worry where to leave your helmet anymore. For other information read this article.


A Nice Badge

A personalized aluminum badge to give an exclusive look to the bike. For other information read this article.

A Classic Free Spirits T-Shirt

Always nice to have a goo looking t-shirt to go for a ride.

Free_Spirits_Tshirt_Black_front Free_Spirits_Tshirt_Black_back Free_Spirits_Tshirt_Grey_front Free_Spirits_Tshirt_Grey_back

Free Spirits Patch

You can apply it on a jacket,  sweatshirts, gilet or whatever you want.


A cover cup kit

To improve the look of the bike.

free_spirits_triumph_new_classic_alternator_clutch_cover_cups_kit_black_3_1 free_spirits_triumph_new_classic_alternator_clutch_cover_cups_kit_silver__1


Cerca ricambi per la tua moto.​