How do your headlight work on the road?

Visibility at night is vital, you would not say less. In winters days the lights are crucial, even with a few rides happening. In this time of the year, the days are shorter, which means that you will depend more on your bikes lights and need to make your motorcycle more visible as possible. It’s the famous see and be seen.


Acetylene and oil headlamps were available at dawn of motoring, granting some light but it was not enough even by those days’ standards. Decades of research and development gave us better designs and technologies, halogen, HID (xenon), LED and even laser headlight systems. After years of tests came the good news, that modern motorcycles lights and electrical systems are so much better than years ago. HID and lasers are still complicated and bulky to be used in motorcycles, while halogen bulbs are reliable, lightweight and compact, therefore this technology is the most popular in motorcycle world. LED technology improved enough and start to press competitors. But whatever lighting system your motorcycle uses, remember that even low maintenance lamps requires some attention to keep you safe on the road.

Normally modern OEM headlights are strong enough to illuminate the road, but there’re no limits for improvement. Many additional lights are available these days: low and high beams, anti-fog and day-running lights in different shapes and sizes. But, not so many are developed specifically to the bike model, they are universal mostly.

Free Spirits has developed a special kit for new Triumph Bobber and Speedmaster 1200. Adding the Free Spirits side mounted headlight kit 308938 to you classic Triumph improves looks and enhances lighting.  Free_Spirits_Headlight_Kit_308938

You can choose right or left leg of the fork to mount CNC bracket that supports the headlight, adjust the beam on the road and curb. Full wiring goes with the kit and as Free Spirits philosophy, the modifications are fully reversible.


Remember that, like any other Free Spirits products, this one should be installed by a professional and is a reversible kit.

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