Need more comfort on your Harley Davidson Sportster?

A small and inexpensive reason to do it!

In 1903, the legend of Harley-Davidson, the heavy bike from Milwaukee – USA was founded. The company reveal V-twin ideology, rarely backslid only to return to the main route.

That proves the company’s ideal to be the one. Having survived several hard times and intense global competition the brand became iconic and recognizable all over the world.

No wonder that many companies offer different add-ons and alternative parts for H-D motorcycles, but just a few are concentrated on the performance side of the product preferring mostly to modify and, sometimes, improve bike looks.

Yes, shiny chrome stuffs are nice and classy. But does lightweight anodized aluminum CNC machined detail belongs to a Harley-Davidson? Yes, if it packs style and precision craftsmanship.

Our designers from Free Spirits developed a brake and gear pedal kit for Harley Davidson Sportster for those who lacks the feeling of control and esthetic of OEM parts.


The kit is bolt on, mounts directly on the foot rests and replaces the original levers. The montage is easy on the existing fittings, thanks to thought-out design.

The rider will get best precision and grip through levers, that have special bushing for smooth movement and pegs, that are covered with anti-slip rubber.


It is not a massive though, but a pretty nice investment in your bike looks and ride comfort that can be emphasized with other Free Spirits products in common tempered style.

Need more information? Check the link below!