Reduces the maintenance costs for Harley Davidson XG 750 A Street Rod!

Fast solution which will let you save a lot of money in maintance and will also improve the aesthetic of your Harley

In this text we will show you how to reduce the maintenance costs and how to improve the aesthetic of your Harley Davidson just by using a single component, which integrates an improvement in suction and a perfect design worthy of a Harley Davidson.

To work correctly, an engine needs the right mixture of air and petrol, in addition to a spark which starts the combustion of this mixture. Thanks to the new electric injection systems, regulated by the motorcycle electric control unit, it is now possible to improve the performance just by increasing the intake of air to the engine.

The lambda probe, located into the exhaust system, reads the ratio between air and petrol coming out of the engine, and then sets the injection for the next cycle. A well done suction system will improve the performance of the motorcycle of circa 2-3%, compared to the original system. However, the air which is aspirated by the engine must be free of external particles which could cause a rapid wear of the mechanical organs. For this reason, in every motorcycle there are air filters: these filters must have a high filtering power and they must let a sufficient air flow to the engine in order to not penalize the performance.

The filter produces a considerable resistance to the air and the filters which are installed as standards usually are made by paper or cheap materials, that often limit the performance of the engine and need to be replaced at every mechanical check. Obviously, more the air filter is dirty and less large is the surface that filters the air; as we understood before, less air means less power supplied by the engine, because it is forced to inject less petrol and consequently there will be less combustion.

We would like to offer you the solution to this problem: a higher-quality air filter compared to the standard, named P08 by Sprint Filter. It is produced by an innovative material, which allows a steady and calibrated air flow at every speed. It doesn’t have the tendency to exhaust itself like cotton and it limits the load losses compared to the sponge, for example, which is used in a lot of standard filters.

Aircleaner High Flow kit for Harley Davidson XG 750A Street Rod (Water repellent)

The P08 air filter is made by a single membrane obtained from the plot of 5-micron diameter polyester threads. In this way, the filtering surface is doubled compared to any other special air filter.

An important note on this filter is its simplicity of maintenance. Every time you go to the mechanic to do the check-up of your motorcycle, you need to change the standard air filter, wasting a lot of money. If you buy this kit by FreeSpirit, instead, you could forget about the endless expanses, because you would just have to blow compressed air through the P08 filter in order to clean it and make it perfect again.

Aircleaner High Flow kit for Harley Davidson XG 750A Street Rod (Water repellent)

You should also please the eye. If you are talking about a Harley Davidson, you cannot ignore the aesthetic.

To allow the assembling of a filter by Sprint Filter, FreeSpirits decided to realize a support which is worthy to be assembled on a Harley. The support is made from a single aluminium block obtained from the full piece, thanks to the best technologies. It is anodized in black and then assembled with a transparent polycarbonate part, which protects the suction and allows to observe the operation of the throttle bodies and their opening at every rotation of the gas knob. In this way, you can embrace a wonderful part of the mechanic system of the Street Rod. The filter used in the FreeSpirits kit is completely waterproof and doesn’t need to be protected by those anti-aesthetic parts which are asked by the common filters.

The kit at issue is easy to be assembled and the assembling is completely reversible, as per FreeSpirits tradition. The kit doesn’t need any modifications of original parts.

Improve the aesthetic of your Harley and save at every mechanical check!


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