The best solutions come from Team Work!

A little TEASER about a new brake disc developed by Free Spirits, builded by Newfren and tested by Matteo Agodi, the president of “Pochi ma Bonnisti” group!

Confidence is everything. When you do your job with passion, dedicated and, most important, as a TEAM, results come to you.

Free Spirits is always experimenting and developing new parts for your motorcycle. Working with what you love made a little easier to have better solutions and innovative products.

The new brake disc for Triumph Bonneville T120 is created and developed by Free Spirits, build by Newfren and installed in Matteo Agodi’s motorcycle, president of “Pochi ma Bonnisti” a group of Triumph Bonneville lovers. We are all very proud with this partnership and its effect.

Take a look at this preview, with Sandra from Free Spirits and Matteo from “Pochi ma Bonnisti”. Enjoy this small tasty of our work!

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