The importance of your brake system

Here at Free Spirits we have a core: your motorcycle should be used, be lived and not just to exhibit to your friends.

When we create a product is not only for style. It’s important to develop something that will increase the value of your bike, but also give it more performance.

Thinking about riding a motorcycle, everybody will agree that the most important and basic safety feature is the braking system.

If your bike won’t go it might put a damper on your day; but if your bike won’t stop, you have much bigger problems ahead. So, it is very important to always keep the brake through regular maintenance. Both front and rear brakes work independently.

To increase the braking power of your motorcycle you have some options besides the regular maintenance. It’s possible to have a better system, replacing the brake discs and pads that come originally.Free_Spirits_Brake_DiscUsing a 320mm rotor instead one of 300mm can give you an upgrade. The difference moves the point where the pressure between the pads and disc is exerted, more distant from the wheel center and help to dissipate the heat.

As a consequence of this change is you will be able to slow down your bike more efficiently by using less pressure on the lever, with a more progressive and powerful braking.

The braking power is also directly related to the type and quality of the braking pads. And of course, better calipers with more pistons and even more than only 2 pads will perform better than their lesser counterparts.

The quality of brakes, pads and calipers matters. Check with your dealer, the one that you trust, which brake system is better for your motorcycle and a safe ride.

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