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Harley Davidson Street fork upgrade kit

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Fork kit for Harley Davidson XG Street.

Made to improve confidence at higher speeds and when cornering, this new fork kit replaces the original “damper tube” and, like previous hydraulic valve kit, this new upgraded version considerably improves the original forks which have almost no hydraulic damping.

In addition, black anodized fork caps with filler cap, perfectly interchangeable with the originals and central Allen head bolt is used to facilitate maintenance and oil change without remove the fork tube plugs.

For installation is recommended the anti-scratch special tool 32 mm code 301302.

This new valve kit increases front stability and braking characteristics by giving perfect control of deceleration even under the hardest braking.

It will also increase mechanical grip entering and exiting a curve thanks to the immediate hydraulic control.

Original oil can be used.

Fast and easy to assemble, requires no modification.

Ready for installation with istruction.

As Free Spirits tradition all the modifications are reversible.

For this kit spare parts are available.