Hot Engine in Triumph Motorcycles? Here the solution!

With small price you can solve this problem and increasing driving pleasure!

From a few years, Triumph Motorcycles had completely renewed its range of motorcycles. The engines have been redesigned to give more power, lower pollution emissions and more driving fluidity.

But although this, there’s still a problem that bothers lot of people…

The engine is hotter compared to older models. Long journeys amplify this because our leg is much more time in contact with the heat.

What to do to solve it? One solution is to mount our X-Pipe!

Thanks to this product, the engine works better, improving internal combustion, reducing the temperature and consequently increasing his life.

The temperature falls down of about 10 degrees, increasing driving pleasure. Less than half an hour for lower mechanic’s costs and time.

Last important thing, this kit is completely reversible so you can go back to the original bike whenever you wish!

X-Pipe per Triumph Thruxton 1200, Bonneville T120 e Street Twin

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