Winter is just around the corner and it is time to prepare your motorcycle for a seasonal hibernation. But it is not just throwing a cover over the bike…

In order to keep it running when the next riding season begins, and prevent from some unwanted surprises, here are some simple things that you should do.

First choose a well-ventilated or a dry room to store the motorcycle. If you store the bike in a damp place, one of the main enemies, metal corrosion, will do its job. Not only decorative elements can be oxidized, but also the insides of mufflers, surfaces of brake discs, plugs, other elements of the engine and transmission, as well as electrical contacts.

Wash the motorcycle thoroughly using a specific detergent to knock off dirt and insects. You can wash manually or use a high-pressure machine. Avoid water entering the muffler internals and the air filter. After wiping dry with a microfiber cloth or faux suede, if you let any water spots on the paint can corrode permanently.


Coat all unprotected metal parts with a thin layer of special grease and the painted ones with automotive wax.

It is also worth removing all the dirt from the leather seats and coffers, then apply a protective compound to them.

Electrical components of modern motorcycles are mostly reliably protected and do not require any additional measures. The exception is the battery terminals and fuses. Put a special spray for electrical contacts on them.

The battery tends to self-discharge when sitting over time, to avoid you should disconnect it from the wiring, or even better is to take it off the bike and recharge it once a month.

Spray some silicone grease in the ignition, tank and seat locks. Silicone grease will also help to protect axle and fork seals, as well as seals of shock absorbers. Do not forget to clean and lubricate the chain.

disconnect harley davidson battery

When a gas tank is not in use it tends to rust. To prevent you should fill a full tank of fuel and empty the carburetors, if any. A special stabilizer must be added to the fuel to help preserve the fuel until the end of winter. If you skip this, better remove old fuel from the tank and pour the new one in spring – light fractions evaporate, tar drops out and water is frozen out during the cold months.

Do not forget about the tires. Letting then on the same position all winter could cause some problems. To avoid the deformation of the tire you need to keep both off the ground, hanging the wheels freely in the air, elevating the bike with stands.


Make sure you check the coolant level of the liquid-cooled motorcycle to avoid the oxides appearance in the system. Fill in a new one if two years have passed since the previous full replacement.

Last but not less important is to keep it covered. After all the steps done and your motorcycle prepared for the winter you should protect it with a proper cover. It will not only keep the dust away, but also will keep the moisture out, avoiding to create corrosion or rust.

While your bike sleeps in the winter you will have the perfect time to plan or even do some maintenance and upgrade projects. Check our website!