Between the production and our clients – What goes on our office?

Our office requires attention. It is the connection between production and clients.

Here our group work to follow the product and make sure that everything is set correctly in sales.

Besides the administration area in which we manage payments, supplies, orders and financial support, a big part of us is busy with commercial issues.

Our team made by professionals from different areas maintains contacts, respond to tenant requests and organize daily company operations.


The communication department promote, support and make the product being visible on the web as much ways as possible. As you know this phase has a vital importance in this modern media world.

We cooperate as one to make our products arrive to your workshop with all the necessary information and giving all the assistance we are able to.

We are always available, we care and value our customers.

Now that you know how we work we invite you to follow us and to take a look at our site!