Do you want to make your Triumph more personal with one small detail?

Why is it important to wear a badge?

Especially for the pride and glory of the bike that represent the brand, to identify specific features of an exact model. Plus, aesthetically, the emblem completes the look, giving a finishing touch on it and signifying that this is a classic motorcycle, not one that seems to be.

The emblems include numbers in their design that tells exactly what you are riding. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, but the devil is in details, as we know.

Thinking about a particularity for your bike, Free Spirits have prepared a nice set of badges to fit your modern Triumph parallel twins and indicate the model name and the engine displacement, rather than stock badge engine type approximation.

Badges can be installed simply over the stock ones and removed easily if necessary.

The Free Spirits Badge will give your motorcycle more style and can be a great gift for your friends and loved ones! It will also be an excellent gift for your bike.

Take a look at this list of Free Spirits badges:

800600_free_spirits_triumph_street_twin_crankcase_badge_b 800601_free_spirits_triumph_street_twin_crankcase_badge
800604_free_spirits_triumph_street_cup_crankcase_badge_b_1 800602_free_spirits_triumph_street_cup_crankcase_badge
800602_free_spirits_triumph_bonneville_t100_crankcase_badge_b_2 800603_free_spirits_triumph_bonneville_t100_crankcase_badge
800604_free_spirits_triumph_bonneville_t120_crankcase_badge_b 800604_free_spirits_triumph_bonneville_t120_crankcase_badge_2
800605_free_spirits_triumph_thruxton_crankcase_badge_b 800605_free_spirits_triumph_thruxton_crankcase_badge_2
800606_free_spirits_triumph_speedmaster_crankcase_badge.jpg_b 800606_free_spirits_triumph_bobber_crankcase_badge_1_1
800607_free_spirits_triumph_speedmaster_crankcase_badge_b 800607_free_spirits_triumph_speedmaster_crankcase_badge_1
800608_free_spirits_triumph_street_scrambler_crankcase_badge_b_1 800608_free_spirits_triumph_street_scrambler_crankcase_badge