Aftermarket handlebar in your Springer Fork? It’s easy with Free Spirits!

Changing the handlebars in springer forks has usually been complicated and expensive … until now!

The Springer Forks have an unmistakable charm, which gives that retro look to our Harley Davidson, but there is an “uncomfortable” detail that arises every time someone is willing to customize his driving style: the replacement of the handlebars.

Due to these forks particular triple trees, there is no possibility to replace the original handlebar unless you opt for radical solutions such as changing or replacing the triple trees themselves, and we know how expensive it will be, without mentioning the risks that may derive from a slapdash work and moreover with poor materials.

These are the reasons that led us to create a specific kit that allows anyone to solve this problem and can mount any aftermarket handlebars.

It will no longer be necessary to replace the original triple trees with expensive dismantling operations, the installation of our Risers is very simple and quick, thanks to the detailed photographic instructions included in the kit.

You can finally customize your Springer stylishly and ride in total safety.

Springer Universal Rubber Mount Riser Black

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