Are you worried to modify your Triumph Thruxton?

Few words to answer to some possible questions when you modify your bike!

When you modify a motorbike, you always think about possible problems that may arise.

Will the bike work better than before? Do I have to spend extra money for any issues that upgrades could cause? Can I get back to the original bike or is it irreversible?

Free Spirits Triumph Thruxton R

A practical example could be our X-Pipe for Triumph Thruxton. What problems may you face mounting this kit?

First of all, it concerns the control unit. Does it need to be remapped?

Absolutely not! The new control unit, mounted on all new Triumph models, is able to self-regulate the carburation so to give better engine combustion, leaving out the annoying part to remap the unit that would take time, effort and money.

Also with this kit the engine is less choked and consequently its life longer.

And, being a reversible modification, at any time you can return to the original bike!

X-Pipe per Triumph Thruxton 1200, Bonneville T120 e Street Twin

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