Will look much better with H-PIPE for TRIUMPH STREET SCRAMBLER!

With the Free Spirits H-Pipe de-cat, your engine will stop being choked thanks to free discharge of the exhaust gases!

You finally achieved the dream of traveling carefree on your new Triumph Street Scrambler. Woods, rivers, roads lost in the nowhere, only with your thoughts.

But after a while, you realize that emotions are not enough and you start to seek more from your bike.

You learned to hear, her voice, and when you open the gas you easily understand that she has way more to offer you. The engine is smothered, while you are expecting full rumble from a bike like this, but due to catalityc converter , the exhaust prevents the gas from freezing out, and this cause a drop in performance.

The solution? Our H-pipe kit.
After the installation of this wonder on your Triumph, you can feel and hear the music changed!

The De-cat allows the exhaust gases to get out of the way, and the difference is detectable, the engine is now breathing better and it shows off all its power… this sound is finally what you were looking for!

This is just a quick taste of all the benefits of our kit. The installation is very easy and fast, with our mounting instructions given you will lose only 30 minutes of your time, without any permanent changes, completely reversible, like all our products.

Free Spirits H-Pipe De-cat for Triumph Street Scrambler

For more info: https://www.freespiritsparts.com/en/h-pipe-de-cat-for-triumph-street-scrambler.html


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