Want more power and personality to your Triumph?

A small story from John with his personal experience on his Triumph Street Twin

Here we are, with John’s story, that after buying his first bike, he wanted something more personal and characteristic!

“Two months ago, I turned in truth a secret wish I’ve been having from a long time: to buy a bike! I passed through a lot of dealers from the most prestigious brands and, in the end, my eyes felt on a Triumph Street Twin.

Triumph Street Twin Free Spirits Triple Bike

I rode the bike as soon as I could and I felt immediately a sense of freedom and carefreeness… but after a while I sensed the lack of something…

The exhaust noise didn’t satisfy me and I wanted a little more power from the engine.

I started to look for some pieces of information and everyone suggested me to change the exhaust! I liked the idea but as soon as I saw the prices my enthusiasm drastically dropped. Was it really worth to spend so much money on a muffler?

This idea keeps buzzing in my head for days when, during a ride, I met Luke, an old friend of mine.

I noticed with pleasure that he had the same Triumph but with something different! The noise was deeper, and more personal!

I looked down at the exhaust but I couldn’t find something different from the original one so I asked him what he had done.

He said that he had installed Free Spirits X-pipe and spending less money than an exhaust he achieved an improvement of engine, power and noise. He also told me that the engine and the exhaust produced less heat, perfect for his legs.

I had only one doubt: with this product does the control unit need to be remapped, increasing so the installation costs?

Luke told me that it was not necessary since the last models Triumph system is capable to adjust automatically the fuel mixture.

Satisfied by this unexpected meeting, next day I went to my trusty mechanic and I ordered the X-Pipe for my Street Twin.

Just picked up the bike from the workshop I immediately noticed that I made the right choice. Now my bike has much more decisive sound that makes it more personal and similar to my style!”

X-Pipe per Triumph Thruxton 1200, Bonneville T120 e Street Twin

For more info: https://www.freespiritsparts.com/en/x-pipe-de-cat-for-triumph-street-twin-street-cup-bonneville-t100-bonneville-t120-bobber-speedmaster-thruxton-1200-r-standard.html


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