Is engine too hot? H-PIPE got it!

Make the engine work at a lower temperature with the innovative Free Spirits H-Pipe exhaust for Triumph Street Scrambler, the benefits are so many!

Today we will consider a very common problem related to the exhaust of our motorcycles, specifically we will talk about the Triumph Street Scrambler.

The catalytic converter installed in the exhaust manifold causes an increase in engine operating temperature, resulting in power loss and excessive wear.

Let’s think about what if you could lower the engine’s temperature: you could extend his life considerably, it would be less stressful and you have a consequent increase in performance.

Now that you are aware of these advantages, is there a cheap, simple and effective solution to achieving our target? Of course, Free Spirits puts us the H-Pipe Kit for Triumph Street Scrambler.

Thanks to this de-cat all this is possible. with the practical instructions you can install it on the bike in less than half an hour without radical modifications and with the possibility of re-assembling the original manifold at any time. A high quality product produced in our country.

By using the original exhaust mounting point, H-pipe kill the vibrations caused by the engine avoiding that the manifold with time will be damaged.

We can conclude by stating that this kit is really an innovative solution for those who like us trying to make their bike more efficient and fun without compromising security and saving us some money compared to replacing the complete exhaust system.

Free Spirits H-Pipe De-cat for Triumph Street Scrambler

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