Remap the control unit if I change the exhaust? From Today is just a memory.

Thanks to the Free Spirits H-Pipe Exhaust manifold for Triumph Street Scrambler, you will not have to get your hand on the control unit for maximum performance.

This year we made a search among the owners of Triumph Street Scrambler. We asked them what the main component they would like to replace on their bike. The results obtained showed that most of them do not like the original Exhaust.

The reasons are different: there are those who don’t like the sound, who, because of the catalytic converter, would want to replace it for more performance, who still claims that the engine too warms up.

The interesting thing is that despite all these problems almost no one proceeds with the replacement because it would cause a leaning mixture, and it would have to remap the control unit.

Based on this we decided to build a high performance exhaust manifold that solves all these problems at one time.

The strength of the H-pipe kit for Triumph Street Scrambler is that the control unit automatically adjusts to ensure proper motor power. You will not need to touch the control unit in any way.

With the installation of the kit we will have a better output, our engine will last longer and will be less subject to wear while working at a lower temperature, as a result of exhaust gases that come out without the catalytic converter.

Thanks to the instruction manuals, the installation of this article will be really a joke, with the possibility of re-assembling the original manifold when and as you want since the installation does not require any permanent modification.

H-pipe is the solution everyone was looking for, but that wasn’t on the market. Now, thanks to Free Spirits, your problems are finally solved.

Free Spirits H-Pipe De-cat for Triumph Street Scramblerph Street Scrambler

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