More performance with a simple solution. Enjoy your ride safer!

An upgrade for your front fork that will guarantee a performance similar to a track bike, this component is much more important than what you might think.

You are always looking for components to improve the performance of your bike, very expensive elements such as exhaust, fuel control units, braking upgrade kit, but the suspensions are often underestimated.

Most of the time, standard forks are equipped with basic components where oil contained in the fork passes through holes into a common tube damper, which restrain and stabilize the movement, otherwise we would have, at each corner, bumps, changes of speed, an annoying oscillation and poor stability.

However, bypassing between these damper holes, oil gets warmer and becomes quickly more fluid, so the suspension changes from a firm to a soften feeling, ending with confusion and less confidence.

More you ride hard, more this “bad” phenomenon will increase his power.

The suspensions, in fact, should guarantee road holding, during acceleration and braking, cornering, and also, ensure that the engine discharges its power on the street correctly.

Nevertheless, a proper setting is not easy to be reached even for professionals, so most of the time we have the idea to skip directly to a high and expensive performance fork, creating the illusion that this will resolve definitely the problem.

So, unless you aren’t looking for prestige, but for a real and tangible performance, let’s keep it simple.

After making some researches and tests we have found a solution for you! Our Race fork upgrade kit.


Thanks to this product the performance of your suspension will considerably improve. Instead of passing through holes, oil passes through calibrated plates that are part of a Pyramid shims packs with Fluxed passage holes.

In this way the oil is much more stable, and does not get warmer, ensuring its maximum efficiency. Most of the time, it’s not necessary to replace the oil (unless it’s exhausted) or the original springs, saving time and money. Our kit doesn’t require any calibration or setting. Just install and it’s done.

Thanks to this upgrade you will have multiple advantages, such as greater stability in all conditions, more confidence when you are riding, when you are entering into a curve and even in the acceleration & braking performance.

Riding will be much more emotional and fun! Be safe and enjoy the pleasure of your trip.


Isn’t that the reason that you have a motorcycle?

Check it out and have greater rides!


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