Women and Motorcycles

8 March International Women’s Day – Let’s celebrate and Ride!

It’s everyone’s knowledge that every year more women buy a motorcycle. This community is growing all around the world.

To celebrate this 8th march we had a little interview with Lisa Liz Cavalli, CEO and founder of the Missbiker network, the biggest Italian community of women with the same passion for motorcycles.MissBiker_LizWhich is the goal of MissBiker?

“The goal is to bring together as many motorcyclists as possible by creating a network: community, blog and social. Everything that can give a voice to the women’s motorcycling.”

How was born your passion for the two wheels?

“Even as a child, I admired the bikes, but I had to wait a long time to get the chance to have one. The passion for the bike I think is something innate, something in the DNA.”

Do you give more importance to aesthetics or functionality in a motorcycle?

“I am convinced that there must be the right balance between these two things. A bike for me must be pleasing to the rider, regardless of the cost or type, but at the same time must be functional.”MissBiker_Liz_TriumphWe hope you enjoy and tell us if there are any themes you would like to discuss in our blog.




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